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Top 10 TLO Articles for June 2023…

11:09 AM EDT on June 30, 2023

Can you believe the year is halfway over? I can, because of calendars and stuff. 

We’ll be taking the next week off at TLO for our annual 4th of July mid-year battery-refresh break, so barring any level five emergency like Ryan Walters being indicted, Oklahoma falling into the ocean, or one of Kevin Stitt’s getting kids caught pooping in a tray of kitty litter at a field party in Guthrie, we’ll be taking things easy and sharing some classic TLO evergreen material to keep people engaged and clicking. 

In the meantime, here are the Top 10 TLO articles for June. From exposing creepy OU professors to paying tribute to geriatric pageant contestants to sending the voice of Disney (and his sister) off on an anti-TLO rage comment campaign, it was a fun and adventurous month around here. 

OU Classics Professor accused of "relentless campaign" of sexual harassment and predation…

The Oklahoman identified the professor as John Doe, but thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we learned the accused harasser is esteemed OU Classics professor Scott F. Johnson.

26-year-old geriatric pageant contestant named Miss Oklahoma…

She seems pretty cool! Well, outside of being friends with the guy below.

Scott Fischer – Former Dippin' Dots CEO – arrested on domestic violence charges…

Only a year after he was accused of a horrendous revenge porn campaign against an ex-girlfriend, the Dippin' Dots CEO allegedly strangled is girlfriend and then greeted Nichols Hills cops in the nude after she managed to call 911.

Best-Selling Author / Medium / Disney Voiceover Talent selling hallucinatory Rose Creek Mansion…

He wasn't a big fan of our article about him, and, along with his sister, made sure to let us know about it in the comment section.

Aaron Tuttle's Twitter account suspended…

Fortunately, he's still keeping us entertained on Facebook.

Stitt says "Bon Voyage" as Tulsa deals with massive power outage…

He picked the perfect time to leave town!

Pretty Oklahoma woman a key figure in Trump classified documents probe…

She's the sister of former KOCO anchor Markie Martin.

New State Auditor report exposes more waste and corruption in Stitt - Walters regime…

I guess we should be flattered the grifters only made off with $30-million.

State forks over $85,000 to settle one Zumwalt age discrimination claim

She was kind of combative when dealing with old folks in state government.

Trosper Park Vice Sting Triggers Memories of Late 90s OKC Sex Industry Shaming Boom

We take a look back at when the Video Vigilante and local OKC government led the way in shaming sex workers and their johns.

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