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26-year-old geriatric pageant contestant named Miss Oklahoma…

She’s old enough to be Miss Teen Oklahoma’s cool relatable aunt!

Sunny Days are here to stay across Oklahoma! Well, at least for the next year. 

Last weekend, Sunny Day – a badass 26-year-old Oklahoma public school teacher – was crowned Miss Oklahoma at the annual pageant at some casino in Tulsa, finishing just ahead of runner-up Stormy Knight of Gotebo. Misty Morningstar of Beaver finished last.

Here’s the crowning moment:

In terms of human physical existence, 26 is young and awesome – the point in life when most of us reach our physical peak just before years of high-fat processed diets and alcohol abuse finally start to catch up with us. But in the pageant world, 26 is an ancient, fossilized age, usually reserved for people competing in fringe minor league events like Miss USA World America Planet Pageant or something like that. 

In fact, Sunny was ineligible to compete in Miss Oklahoma until a few months ago, when the pageant raised the age limit from 25 to 28, guaranteeing her a chance to be the silverback of this year’s competition. Fortunately, outgoing Miss Oklahoma Megan Gold knows a good retirement community that Sunny can call home. 

Even though she’s a geriatric pageant contestant, Sunny is an Oklahoma born-and-bred badass and very deserving winner.

She’s spicy hot, very talented and, as I mentioned, a left-wing liberal terrorist who teaches students in the much-maligned Western Heights school district about fringe woke concepts like recycling…

She even created a liberal indoctrination garden where students can read banned library books while pretending to grow tomatoes… 

She also doesn’t mind talking about the realities of public education in Oklahoma… 


When you get the chance to call out the education system at Miss Oklahoma, do it. #teachersoftiktok #education

♬ original sound - Sunny Day

Seriously, recruit this woman to run for State School Superintendent in 2026! 

Ryan Langston-Walters will turn to a stone – or at least a  bag of kitty litter in a public school bathroom – when confronted by Sunny’s smarts and hotness. He’ll have to spend the entire debate thinking about football just to stay focused and remember his right-wing troll talking points.

Ms. Day loves her students so much she’ll even associate with the drunk-driving, revenge porn-sharing, domestic-abusing former Dippin’ Dots CEO for free school supplies for her students. How’s that for sacrifice and dedication?

We give the Dippin Dots CEO a hard time for being a terrible human, but at least he does open up his wallet and flaunt his wealth when trying to impress hot damsels in search of school supplies. 

Anyway, we wish Sunny the best of luck in the big Miss America pageant, and hope she doesn’t get bullied and abused by other contestants for being born in the 20th century. If you want to creep, gawk, or casually scroll through all of her photos, you can do that on Instagram.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.  

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