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Scott Fischer – Former Dippin’ Dots CEO – arrested on domestic violence charges…

The former CEO of Dippin' Dots is a bigger piece of shit than we originally thought. 

Last night KFOR reported that Scott Fischer – the entitled Oklahoma brat who served as CEO of Dippin’ Dots after his dad bought him the company – was arrested on domestic violence, indecent exposure, and other charges after he attacked and strangled his girlfriend in their Nichols Hills home, and then greeted police while standing in the nude in his front yard.

Sadly, the news isn’t too big of a surprise. 

As we first documented following his DUI arrest in 2018 – and the still ongoing 2021 revenge porn case where he “engaged in a relentless and vicious campaign of harassment and retaliation" against an ex-girlfriend – the guy seems to be an unstable, narcissistic, alcoholic asshole.

Here are details of the arrest via KFOR:

In the arrest affidavit from Nichols Hills Police, 44-year-old Scott Fischer came home from work on Tuesday, intoxicated.

Fischer and his girlfriend got into an argument around 5:45 PM. Nearly 6 hours later, the argument escalated. He grabbed her throat and choked her.

The report says his girlfriend tried to get away and Fischer threw her over the couch, hitting her.

Police say there were small droplets of blood on the cushions.

When his girlfriend called 911 for help, the report says he tried to stop her.

Nichols police say when they got to the house, Fischer was standing naked on the front lawn and was arrested.

“He was arrested for domestic abuse by strangulation, interfering with a 9-1-1 call, indecent exposure, and public intoxication,” said Steven cox, Chief of Police at Nichols Hills police.

First of all, our thoughts go out to the victim in this case. We apparently have a bunch of mutual friends and they all have nothing but nice things to say about her, which I quickly learned after making a joke about her and Scott on this site a year or two ago. Hopefully, she physically recovers and is able to move on without suffering too much psychological trauma. It’s a sad shame she got caught up with such a terrible human being. 

News 9 reached out to Scott for a statement. Here's what he texted them:

"While things may not be as reported, and have been mid-represented. it is a regrettable matter that was not as reported."

Here's some PR advice. When a media outlet reaches out to ask about you about being arrested for drunkenly beating your girlfriend, sober up before responding.

Oddly enough, I actually found myself at a local ad agency event that Scott and his girlfriend attended a few months ago. It was at a new event space in Deep Duece. There were probably about a hundred or so people in attendance. 

I wasn’t there very long – I had to get home, relieve the babysitter and start bedtime proceedings with my daughter – but before I left, I did one last casual look around the room. That’s when I discovered a sweaty, puffy-faced Scott, standing on the other side of a large kitchen island about 20 feet away, staring me down like a deadbeat Italian cowboy in old spaghetti western. 

It was awkward, but kind of funny. The guy was shorter and chubbier than I expected, and about as intimidating as a pile of drunken spaghetti. Totally sober and a bit bemused, I stared back at him, and for about three to five seconds we locked eyes like Eastwood and Van Cleef. 

Okay, it wasn’t quite that dramatic. Probably because I wasn't a girl, Scott snapped-to and looked away to his right, probably smelling a new whiskey sour or fresh platter of meatballs being brought out from the kitchen. 

I then looked at my friend who was standing across from me and said something like “Uhm, I’m pretty sure I just got in a stare-down with the Dippin Dots CEO guy.” 

It wasn’t the first time that someone I’ve written about on this site has tried to intimidate me in person, and it probably won’t be the last, but I guess that’s part of my job. My friend and I laughed about the situation for a bit, I said my final goodbyes and then went home to read Frog and Toad and tell bedtime stories about Rainbow Unicornland.  

Anyway, I don’t really have a clear point with all that, but it seemed like an interesting tidbit to share about a brief interaction I had with a guy who appears to be a pretty terrible human. Hopefully he seeks professional help because he obviously needs it. 

I guess we’ll follow this story and provide any updates as they come across. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised 

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