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Miss Oklahoma is living in a retirement home…

8:24 AM EDT on September 30, 2022

As a fan and purveyor of Oklahoma weather, media, and smart, attractive, talented women, I naturally clicked on a recent Tulsa World fluff piece about weekend TV meteorologist / reigning Miss Oklahoma Megan Gold.

I guess in preparation for this year's Miss America pageant, Megan has moved into a retirement home in Tulsa on the advice of her wise, probably very protective father.

Via a Michael Lacy Overall column in The Tulsa World:

Not long after she won the title of Miss Oklahoma in June, Megan Gold’s father suggested that she move into a retirement home.

“At first, I was probably a little bit skeptical,” Gold said. “Then I came and saw the place, and it really made sense.”

Her social impact issue during the Miss Oklahoma pageant involved hunger among the state’s senior citizens, along with other general issues around the topic of aging. And she will carry the same theme into the Miss America competition this December.

First of all, when my daughter is ready to move out on her own in the far distant future, I'm also going to suggest she move into a retirement home. That seems like a much safer place than some chic downtown apartment with all the Jacksons, Daniels, and Hudsons of the world.

Although I appreciate what Megan is doing here, I can see some possible issues.

1. How's she going to practice the flute for the Miss America talent competition after 7pm without waking up her neighbors?

2. It may lead to some residents being misdiagnosed with dementia! Just imagine that phone call with grandma...

"Hi Maw-Maw. How are things going? Everything well at the apartment?"

"Things are just splendid, dear. In fact, Miss Oklahoma moved in next door to me the other day!"

"Oh really. Miss Oklahoma, huh?"

"Yes. She is just a doll. She even let me play her flute!"

"She plays the flute?"

"Yes, she does. And we all watch her give the weather report on TV every Saturday morning."

In all seriousness, imagine how cool it would be to live in this complex, have Miss Oklahoma move in next door, and it not be Jane Jayroe! I'm sure the management is using it as a recruiting tool!

Even though she’s about 60 years younger than the average resident, she asked for an apartment at Covenant Living at Inverness, a sprawling retirement community on West 71st Street.

“I loved the idea,” said Garrett Lee, the executive director at Covenant Living at Inverness, who arranged for the beauty queen to stay in a fully furnished apartment where her sash and crown sit matter-of-factly next to the TV.

Wow. Garrett Lee – the leasing director of a place called Covenant Living – was receptive to having Ms. Oklahoma as a tenant. I bet he had to really ponder that decision, huh?

Anyway, we hope Megan's stay at Covenant Living – and having dinner each day at 4pm – impresses the Miss America judges and moves her closer to the crown. Just like the residents, we'll be cheering her on.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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