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Best-Selling Author / Medium / Disney Voiceover Talent selling hallucinatory Rose Creek Mansion…

Calling all rich people with really bad taste!

Yesterday afternoon, “Zillow Gone Wild” – a social media aggregator that shares some of the most bizarre finds on residential real estate websites – profiled a Rose Creek mansion that takes maximalism to extreme levels.

Check out this monstrosity:

I know taste and style, even when awful, are subjective, so I’m going to reserve judgment on this ADHD acid trip of a monstrosity. As a guy who goes with more of a gray cheap minimalist slacker vibe, I probably don’t have a lot of room to talk. 

Here are some more pics from Zillow:

In case you’re curious, the house is owned by Oklahoma native Jarrad Hewett

A well-to-doer who was born into the OKC Golf and Country Club aristocracy, he’s an alleged verified “bestselling” author, medium, and multi-dimensional energy expert who peddles metaphysical-based books and self-help courses on the Internet. 

That’s pretty cool. I wonder if one of his multi-dimensional self-healing techniques is to sink your entire trust fund inheritance into decor that would make Liberace melt?

A man of many talents, Jarrad’s also a voice-over talent who’s best known as the voice of the Disney Channel. Here’s an interview he did with Channel 5 a few years ago:

I don’t know if Jarrad has used his metaphysical powers to see the upcoming housing market collapse – or if Disney dumped him for a younger, more diverse voice – but the home can be yours for a cool $1.5-million. 

And for wealthy people with only the most tackiest of tastes, Jarrad will listen to offers to sell the home fully furnished. You know, just in case you want some hard-to-find, attention-getting, very uncomfortable chairs:

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Jarrad’s home has received attention. It was profiled in 2017 for 405 Magazine.

If for some reason you want to make any offer on the home, I’d suggest you contact your realtor, or better yet, read one of Jarrad’s books on metaphysical energy healing, because you could probably use it. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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