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Aaron Tuttle’s Twitter account suspended…

9:56 AM EDT on May 31, 2023

It's been a while since we've dedicated an entire post to diabolical right-wing Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle.

During the page view boom of the mid-2010s, we'd frequently exploit our feud with the former KOCO weatherman turned OKC social media star, lampooning his douchey bodybuilder pics, extreme oversensitivity, spray tan, anger management issues, and the hypocrisy he’d show whenever he’d call out TV meteorologists for chasing ratings and eyeballs, all while he sat at his computer chasing Facebook likes and clicks with his extreme “keepin’ it real” weather forecasts.  

But, alas, Aaron didn’t take too well to our hysterical non-award-winning coverage, hired a copyright attorney who specializes in copyright law, filed a lawsuit against us, lost that lawsuit, and then started a Go Fund Me to raise $65,000.

He was able to raise some money from it, including a $100 donation from Hugh Janus:

Although we decisively won the lawsuit, protected our free speech rights to parody public figures, and provided a bunch of free entertainment to popcorn-popping social media observers, the whole saga took a lot of fun out of our “make fun of Aaron Tuttle” sails. Over the years, we eventually turned our attention to covering other people and things, and ole’ AT fell off our Doppler radar. 

Well, until now!

Yesterday afternoon, we received a tip via the Ogle Mole Network informing us that Aaron’s Twitter account has been suspended! 

While he primarily uses his Facebook account for weather forecasting – and to apparently shill weather thermometers and a new realty biz he started with his wife – Aaron goes full right-wing edge lord on the micro-blogging platform, spending his free-time fighting the online culture wars while also spreading quack conspiracy theories about Covid, vaccines and global elites. You know, typical Qanon nutso stuff. 

I guess Aaron finally took things too far and his account was suspended:

I have no clue what Aaron tweeted for this to happen, but the Mole included a couple of screenshots that may offer insight.

Yeah, that’s crazy, but by today’s right-wing standards, calling for a public official and/or corporation to be hung at the gallows for helping successfully guide the world out of a public health crisis that killed millions – and/or telling a woman that they don’t want to feel a biological man’s fists hit their face – seems pretty mild. 

In fact, it’s the type of rhetoric that will get you a standing ovation at most Oklahoma GOP barbeques and potlucks! If he hasn’t already, Aaron should really consider taking a stab at local politics. At the very least, I call for Ryan Walters to name Aaron Tuttle as his chief science advisor! 

It will be interesting to see if Aaron gets his account reinstated.

He has a decent following on Twitter, and with Elon Musk being a right-wing sympathizer and free-speech absolutist, you’d think the richest man in the world would be fine with a federal employee spending time on his website spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and general hate.

In fact, some of Aaron’s biggest fans are already asking Elon to intervene:

Yep, the guy who thinks global warming is a myth and Covid was created by a network of global elites in an effort to force the world to be injected with mind-controlling nanobots or whatever is a man of true science. 

Anyway, we wish Aaron the best of luck in getting back on Twitter so we can get back to ignoring him again. 

Well, that is unless he follows our advice and runs for office. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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