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Top “Aspirational” 10 TLO articles for October…

As you may have noticed, we just completed a wild, crazy, and very, very differently-looking month of producing digestible and clickable content for the Oklahoma Interwebs.

I'd like to thank all of our valued members and subscribers for supporting what we do here at The Lost Ogle, and appreciate their patience as we all shift and get acclimated to TLO version 6.0.

If you'd like to join the club, stay informed about Oklahoma news happenings, and get 24/7 access to all TLO content, subscribe here for less than a quarter a day!

If you need some convincing, check out our "aspirational" Top 10 articles for the month of October. Oklahoma never disappoints when producing newsworthy stuff, especially the month before an election...

10. Oklahoma “Chief Operating Officer” Falls for Facebook Copypasta…

Leave it to the people who run Oklahoma to fall for common Internet pranks that target your great-aunt.

9. Carly Atchison clarifies Stitt wanted to build a new $6-million “private residence.” Not a big mansion.

When Carly was a kid, she probably played PRASH (private residence - apartment - shack - house).

8. Ryan Walters films video in front of whiteboard. What could go wrong?

We asked our readers to have some fun with Ryan Epic-Barresi-Walter's whiteboard. They get an A+.

7. New Tulsa King trailer drops. May be best TV show ever made. 

We tried to be positive for once.

6. 10 Oklahoma-themed Halloween Costume Ideas (2022 edition)

For some reason, Stitt didn't follow his opponent's lead and tweet the article.

5. Kevin Stitt declares “Hispanic Restaurant Week” at tail end of “Hispanic Restaurant Week”

He waited until day six of Hispanic Restaurant Week to announce Hispanic Restaurant Week. Louis also shared some places Stitter should visit.

4. Ryan Walters vows to send Oklahoma teachers to “patriotic education training.”

The course will also train teachers how to leave the teaching profession.

3. David Green is giving away Hobby Lobby…

Like God really wants to own and operate a chain of arts and crafts stores.

2. Podcaster behind push for Oklahoma anti-trans bill once involved in sex tape blackmail scandal…

After this article was published, the podcaster said we'll be hearing from his lawyers. We're still waiting.

1. Ali Meyer and Storme Jones feud over KFOR Mansiongate report…

The two bickered online about KFOR's bombshell Mansiongate report. Cue the scary music.


Once again, that's just our Top 10 articles for the month. We have many more great ones that just missed the cut. To read them all, and stay informed about Oklahoma news, events and culture, subscribe to TLO today!

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