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Ali Meyer and Storme Jones feud over KFOR Mansiongate report…

It was the old guard versus the new in this TV news Twitter feud

Oklahoma Governor’s Mansiongate, Part II – The Kevin Stitt Edition – is the Oklahoma October surprise that keeps on giving!

Ever since KFOR reporter Ali Meyer’s bombastic Tuesday night report revealed Kevin Stitt was secretly trying to fund a new $6-million Governor’s Mansion that would force the Oklahoma people to have to remember him, Team Stitt™ has been in hyper-sonic damage control mode, throwing any excuse against the wall to justify the hysterically stupid idea.

One of the first that Team Stitt™ went with was kind of true – although most people didn't know about it, the idea of building a new Governor’s Mansion really isn’t all that new.

News 9’s Eagle Scout reporter Storme Jones took a break from helping old ladies cross the road to remind people about this the morning after the KFOR report aired…

Wow. I’m pretty sure he was a sophomore at Mustang High School when that report aired. I’m honestly surprised he remembered it! He should stop by Hoot Trivia some time!

Storme’s Tweet got the attention of KFOR's Ali Meyer. With dramatic music playing in the background, she responded to Storme’s tweet with some #journalism and accused him of “towing the Governor’s line.”

Yep, she dropped a sarcastic #hashtag journalism line! That’s harsh! I come from an era where TV news channels and personalities are supposed to pretend their competition doesn’t exist. In fact, I think there was a clause in the Ogle brothers' contract that the three of them could only be in the same room together during holidays and the family entmoot before fall harvest! Now we have Ali Meyer not only acknowledging Storme’s existence but also talking trash! 

Storme responded with his own sarcastic comment. Cue the dark, sinister music…

Okay, that’s kind of funny. When I watched the report, I also felt the dramatic music was a bit over the top. You know, kind of like the dramatic music News 9 used in this investigative report about the Western Heights school district…

Listen, I’m a Storme Jones fan. I can’t wait to see what challenge he poses to Abigail Ogle in the fight for the Oklahoma Iron Ratings Throne, but one reporter criticizing another reporter for using scary sound effects and other theatrics during a ratings-generating news report is a bit hypocritical. It would be like Mike Morgan telling David Payne he gets too excited during severe weather!

Plus, this is Ali Myer we're talking about here! She’s had a flare for the dramatic ever since she was a young reporter like Storme is today. As this old report from the early aughts reminds us, it’s her calling card! Just wait until the two-minute mark!

At this point in the online altercation, you’d think Ali would have packed things up and taken things easy on Storme, but not this a.m. anchor. She went after Storme like Ron Burgandy hunting down Wes Mantooth! 

Check this out:

Ouch. That is hardcore!

At this point in the online altercation, you’d think Storm would waltz away and take the first hot air balloon out of there with dramatic music playing in the background. And he wisely did. Although he left the altercation bruised and battered, hopefully, Storme learned to let other TV news channels do their sweeps week thing, and stay out of the way of battled and hardened TV news moms. 

Otherwise, it may not be a hard-hitting tweet Ali hits him with next…

Anyway, you can follow Ali on Twitter to get more out of Oklahoma Governor’s Mansiongate, Part II – The Kevin Stitt Edition. She’s not letting up, and is challenging Team Stitt’s effort to lie their way out of the scandal... 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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