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Storme Jones survives hot air balloon flight…

It's good to be Storme Jones!

One of the leading go-getters in the new scene of local TV news anchors and reporters taking over the metro, Storme has been making a name for himself ever since he dodged tear gas canisters during the Oklahoma City demonstrations / protests / uprisings / mini-riots back in the Hell-Year of 2020.

Since then, Storme's risen up the ranks of News 9 like a bolt of lightning, settling into the role of Sunshine Guy in the Morning, where he charms viewers of all old ages alike with his Eagle Scout charm and over-achieving grandson demeanor.

For example, here he is showing off his pride for Mustang High School. I don't know if Storme was a former, or even current, class president, but he sure looks like one...

Yep, Storme "The Silver Stallion" Jones is from Mustang. Or as I've always called the suburb – the Hooker to Yukon's Beaver!

And yes, that analogy is referencing the towns in the panhandle, sicko.

Although Storme's parked at the morning desk for now – watch your back, Karl Torp! – he still actively seeks out and finds adventure. Just this week, he went high up in the sky for a death-defying hot-air balloon ride to promote the Firelake Fireflight Balloon Fest.

Check out this video:

See what I mean? Look at the bad-ass float to places where only birds dare go!

"Really Patrick? There's nothing death-defying about that. All he did was get in a hot air balloon!"

Screw that! I count any hot air balloon ride as a death-defying stunt. When I float on air, I want to be securely encased in an aerodynamic aluminum tube with wings surrounded by jet fuel, not a tiny wooden basket that's five feet from a gigantic blow torch!

Anyway, I'm glad Storme survived this thrilling endeavor. I can totally see a future where he and Abigail Ogle engage in an epic End Game-level battle for local news ratings supremacy. Until then, I guess we'll be watching for Storme's new death-defying adventures. Maybe next time he'll fly a fighter jet towards the heavens like the old OETA sign-off!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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