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7 restaurants Stitt should have visited for Hispanic Restaurant Week

Louis shares some delicious, not in anyway serious ideas...

As Patrick mentioned Monday, Governor Kevin Stitt found enough time to promote Hispanic Restaurant Week…a full week after it had passed, but, whatever.

Though he dangerously grills his ill-gotten steaks on his taxpayer-funded barbecue pit, he took the time in a hastily arranged PR tour to view the inner workings of a Mexican restaurant, expertly crafting a lone quesadilla and, probably, reporting a few dishwashers to la migra. All in a day’s work!

In honor of Stitt’s Mex-cellent adventure – and as one of our state’s only “Hispanic” food writers – I thought it would be fun to share other Hispanic restaurants Stitt should visit at the end of next year’s Hispanic Restaurant Week.

Although they don’t promise authentic Hispanic dining experiences, I doubt Stitt will even notice the difference. Ole!

Ted’s Escondido Cafe

When it’s time for a major meeting with the Mexicans, Stitt will always bank on the droll quesadillas, fajitas, and enchiladas with cheese sauce, and Ted’s will always be the top of the line. With all the taste and none of the ethnicity, Ted’s Escondido Cafe will always be number one in appropriation!


They may serve Italian food, but one look at the staff inside Zio’s open kitchen – like most other restaurants in the state – will let any Republican like Stitt know they’re about to legitimately enjoy hand-crafted Hispanic Italian food.

Big Truck Tacos

Sure, it's owned by gringos, but tacos are a Hispanic food and food trucks are still the rage... right?


Mo'Bettahs - Hawaiian Style Food

Hawaiians aren't Hispanics, but I doubt Stitt knows or even cares. One quick taste of this chain's delicious eats will leave him saying "Aloha" or "Adios" in no time.


When you want non-subtle Tex-Mex treats at mostly friendly prices at a restaurant actually owned by Hispanics, Chelino’s will be happy to take your secret order…but don’t let the conervative voters find out!

Taco Mayo

Taco Mayo me, baby! Between passionless lovemaking and the pico de gallo on the salsa bar, they will have Stitt’s cost-conscious bargain burritos ready to go and an extra order in the middle of the night.

Panda Express

“It’s all the same!” shouts Stitt as tears into Panda Express’s bowl of fried rice, usually with a Kraft single on top.


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