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10 Oklahoma-themed Halloween Costume Ideas (2022 edition)

These are guaranteed to wow at any Halloween party!

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I'd share some Oklahoma-centric Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022!

They're guaranteed to be a hit and win any local non-rightwing costume contest...

Kevin Stitt and Brent Swadley

This would be a great couple's costume! One person dresses as Stitt by wearing a blue suit and, for added effect, fake eyebrows, while the other person puts on a Swadley’s t-shirt, white apron, and cooking gloves to pose as Brent Swadley. To take it to the next level, make sure Swadley’s pockets are stuffed with Monopoly money!

Also, for this costume to really work, the person dressed as Stitt has to claim to not know the person dressed as Swadley, while the person dressed as Swadley has to implore and tell everyone they're friends with the person dressed as Stitt.

Joy Hoffmonster

This is easy. Just put on a “Choose Joy” shirt, carry around an apple, and put on some green monster makeup, dye your hair and wear some monster teeth. If you attend a party, make sure to charm the socks off everyone in attendance and not mention you’re a Democrat. 

Damaged I-40 Sex Toy

Easily order this rabbit vibrator costume from Amazon, and then paint some skid marks over it! Easy like Sunday morning.

The Ghost of the Boob Church

This is an easy way to take a ghost costume to a new level! Either buy or make an egg costume, and then decorate the bottom to look like the classic mid-century modern architecture that once adorned the now-deceased building. 

MillionaireWayne Mullin

Actually, we kind of stole that idea from Twitter. Isn’t the Internet great?!

Kendra of the Korn

With Kendra now running for Senator, I thought we’d dust off this classic Halloween Costume idea from 2020. The gist is basically the same –  you need three things to make a Kendra of the Korn costume really work. They include:

- Blonde Hair or Wig

- Purple Make-Up

- Centrist policies that are labeled as radical and socialist

Abby Broyles Slumber Party Survivor

Wear some pajamas from Justice, douse them with red wine, and then put smeared mascara on your face to make it look like you just cried. 

Bob Mills Border Wall 

For this, just follow the lead of Bob Mills employees who made a border wall float costume to celebrate the Olympics.

Take a big cardboard, decorate it like the border wall, and then tape a picture of you and your friends to the front.

Ryan Walters

There are two options here:

A) Wear a traditional black suit with a skinny tie and put on an NRA hat. If you go to a party, leave every few minutes to record a video in your SUV, and when you return, tell everyone you’re sending them to a patriotic training camp. 

B) Do the same thing, but instead of the suit and tie, wear this penis costume from Amazon instead. 

Ryan Walters Supporter

For this one, simply search “redneck costume” on Google. You’ll find plenty of options.

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