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Bob Mills employees find racist way to celebrate Winter Olympics…

Here's a weird and not very surprising item that recently came through the Ogle Mole Network.

A few weeks back, Bob Mills Furniture organized some good-natured employee activities to celebrate the Winter Olympics that nobody watched.

In an apparent effort to boost his employees' geography knowledge, I guess Bob sent a telegram from his hot air balloon asking each department to decorate their work areas to represent a particular country competing in the games.

According to an Ogle Mole, Bob's online sales team was assigned the great USA. Here's what they came up with to represent our nation:

Yep. They were asked to design a decoration that represents an aspect of the USA, and they went with the infamous border wall.

That, on its own, is pretty tacky, but wait... there's more!

You may notice a photo taped to the slab of cardboard in the top corner. Here's a closer look:

According to the Mole, that's a picture of some Bob Mills employees dressed as “Mexican people.” They're all hanging out with a guy dressed up like a taco. It's a ruined taco, though, because they're all apparently being kicked, or urinated on, by an employee dressed up as a border patrol agent. The only thing it appears to be missing is Bob Mills dressed up like a bald eagle and taking a nuclear shit on everyone.

If that seems like an odd and racist way to participate in what should be a fairly benign and hollow employee activity, it is. That being said, we probably shouldn't be too surprised. Maybe the employees were in it to win it, and knew how to pander to their boss's heart!

In case you didn't know, Bob Mills – the right-wing working man's friend – was an early Trump backer and served as a co-chair on the president's 2016 Oklahoma election campaign.

I've also talked to some Ogle Moles over the years who were as deeply embedded in the Bob Mills organization as a grandma testing out a new La-Z-Boy recliner. They claimed they've heard Bob frequently use words to describe people that... well... let's just say people who dress up like Mexicans and then tape photos of themselves to fake border walls probably wouldn't find all that offensive.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if this gets any sort of local mainstream media attention. The whole thing looks and feels pretty racist, and it looks like the work culture at Bob Mills enables and encourages it, so you think it's something the local furniture buying masses may want to know about. Then again, Bob Mills is a big media buyer in Oklahoma, and most media outlets value profits over providing a public service, so this is probably the last we'll hear of it.

Either way, stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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