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Oklahoma “Chief Operating Officer” Falls for Facebook Copypasta…

If you're a Russian hacker looking to phish your way into Oklahoma's IT network, we've found an easy mark!

Over the weekend, an Ogle Mole forwarded us a Facebook post recently shared by OMES Executive Director Steve Harpe – the subpoena-dodging honeymooner Kevin Stitt hand-picked to be the "Chief Operating Officer" of Oklahoma.

You can check it out below. It's guaranteed to get your great-aunt's attention!

Yep, the guy who is ultimately in charge of Oklahoma's IT security infrastructure and network security – and leads a division that "helps 189 agencies, affiliates and municipalities accomplish their daily missions" – fell for a classic case of Facebook copypasta.

If that doesn't tell you just about everything you need to know about the fine folks Stitt's appointed to run our state government, I'm not sure what else does.

Seriously, that's just embarrassing. If you put in your online bio that you've "led technology solutions" with "great success" for some Fortune 500 companies – and you're ultimately the guy responsible for a state government's IT security – you probably shouldn't be falling for well-known online pranks that target people with ages over (or IQs under) 80.

I'm now legitimately worried that Stitt's next scandal will involve OMES sending our state's bank account info to a man posing as a Nigerian prince!

Anyway, if you stumble across any embarrassingly dumb Facebook posts by our state government's best and brightest – or if Kevin Stitt has ever forwarded you a "Bill Gates is giving everyone a $50 Old Navy Gift Card who forwards this" emails  – send them our way.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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