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Top 10 TLO Articles for January

9:35 AM EST on February 1, 2023

If I had to produce a clickbait ranking of my 12 favorite months, January would probably come in last place. From the post-holiday hangover to writing the wrong date on everything, it's a dreary, annoying month with few redeeming qualities. It's cold, it's long, and, thank God, it's finally over.

Before we start producing digestible Internet content for February – the 11th best month – I thought we should recap January. If you like what we do and the service we provide, please consider signing-up as a TLO subscriber today!

Here we go:

1. Paycom employees revolt after company announces termination of remote work policy…

In terms of pageviews, this was our most-read article for February. In fact, this article and its follow-up generated about 40,000 unique pageviews, which probably explains why Paycom is now hiring a new PR supervisor.

2. Oklahoma Dept. of Education warns employees to not leak emails to us…

After we reported that new Oklahoma State School Superintendant Ryan Barresi-Walters was forcing his employees to return to the office despite not having enough desks for them, the Department's HR director fired off an email to staff warning them that leaking emails could result in criminal charges. Naturally, that email was then promptly leaked to us.

3. Lawmaker annoyed we wrote about her Klan…

She blamed it on her "homophonia."

4. Kelly Ogle’s pic and bio officially scrubbed from News 9 website…

A year after they forced him off the air, News 9 quietly scrubbed him from the station's staff page, officially ending their Ogle era.

5. Meet the new Oklahoma State School Board!

We provided a deep, informative, and very funny-yet-depressing look at the new Oklahoma State School Board, and in the process, reminded everyone why education in this state is f*cked.

6. TLO Restaurant Review: El Chico

Louis stopped by this taco-shell-of-what-it-once-was Tex-Mex chain for some New Year's tamales. They were fine.

7. Bigoted Bartlesville Councilman shamed for taking son’s basketball team to Hooters…

Hypocritical holier-than-thou politicians always give us good content, and this story about an anti-drag show crusading councilman getting off on taking his son's baseball team to Hooter's is a great reminder of that.

8. Edmond students treated to man conducting “sexual acts” during video conference with “Father of Internet”

Thankfully, the image never made its way to the TLO tip-line.

9. Aspiring young Oil Overlord’s company accused of stealing city water and damaging wildlife refuge…

With a face like that, it was almost like he was born to be an evil, greedy asshole.

10. Ryan Walters unveils weird, creepy, very unnatural arm at Stitt Inauguration…

Yep, nothing to see here. We just have the new Secretary of Education bringing a prop arm for the swearing-in ceremony. Everything's fine.

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