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Edmond students treated to man conducting “sexual acts” during video conference with “Father of Internet”

9:16 AM EST on January 12, 2023

Last night, Edmond North High School Principal Dandy Peeler notified parents that “a man engaging in a sexual act” made a cameo on a video conference presentation for 150 computer science students.

The presentation was being led by Dr. Vinton Cerf – a famed computed scientist and Google VP who is literally known as the “Father of The Internet.”  

The whole thing was quickly shut down once the perp appeared on screen, but not before the high school students did what high school students do and snapped pictures of the incident and then shared them with all their giggly friends. 

As a result, Ms. Peeler sent this dandy little email to parents that we’ve acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

First of all, you do have to appreciate the irony that pervert was able to crash a presentation being taught by the “Father of the Internet.” I think both Dr. Frankenstein and his monster would get a chuckle out of that. 

Second, let this be a lesson to all high school students that you should always pay attention (and have your camera ready) when participating in a Zoom call, because you just never know when an unidentified man is going to appear on the screen and turn a presentation about computer science into a sex ed course.

As Ms. Peeler mentioned, the school district is conducting an investigation to see how the intruder joined the presentation that was probably just open to the public. 

Considering it’s something he’d probably like to exploit for publicity, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Walters also conducts his own personal investigation into the matter, and requests all available photos and videos to be sent to his private email address. By the end of the day, expect him to film a vlog in his SUV blaming the incident on Joe Biden, teacher unions, and woke liberal indoctrinators. 

Anyway, normally when I write a topic that involves people circulating photos of a controversial incident, I ask that they send them our way, but in this case, I think I’ll pass. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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