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Oklahoma Dept. of Education warns employees to not leak emails to us…

Last week, we were the only media outlet in the state to let Oklahoma residents know that Ryan Walters was ending remote work for Department of Education employees, demanding they all return to the office by February, even if that means they have to work from a credenza, ottoman, or chest of drawers.

We learned about this thanks to an email we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

Well, I guess Walters and Co. didn’t appreciate the transparent reporting we provided about his personal quest to bring Joe Biden’s army of left-wing indoctrinators back to the office.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, not too long after our story was published, Susan Miller – the Department of Education’s HR director – sent an email to high-level agency staff warning them that sharing emails (a.k.a. public records) with people outside the agency (a.k.a. The Lost Ogle) will result in immediate termination and possible legal action!

Yep, let the authoritarianism begin!

I’ve heard about the email from multiple Ogle Moles, but haven’t been able to land a copy because some of the recipients are worried that a highly-paranoid Walters is tracking their every step, monitoring their whereabouts like they’re a barista taking a break at the Habour Mountain Coffee House. 

Update: Here's the email...

Anyway, I have an important plea for any Department of Education employees – especially the ones who are working from a used credenza – and want to be Ogle Moles. 

Please do not break agency policy and email or text us screenshots of internal emails that are virtually impossible to be tracked or traced once we screenshot your screenshot!

As yesterday’s meeting with lawmakers shows, Ryan Walters is already in over his head. The last thing we need to do is make him even more paranoid by sharing with the public internal communications about how poorly he and his staff are managing the agency!

Yes, that’s right.

Whatever you do, please do not easily and secretly send us any tips or details about Ryan Walters’s impending reign of terror to the Ogle Inbox.

Sure, the people of this state may benefit from what you have to offer, and it would be funny to see Ryan squirm, but it’s much more important to follow the agency’s strict rules and keep everything on the inside so the public is in the dark. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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