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Ryan Walters ends remote work at Oklahoma Department of Education…

If you see any state employees working at a small table or credenza next month, I guess we'll know why.

We’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Ryan Walters is following the lead of Paycom and ending remote work at the Oklahoma Department of Education, and worst of all, not even promising free snacks!

I guess under the Hofmeister regime some employees were allowed to work from home at the discretion of directors, which as we know, is a liberal Joe Biden policy of indoctrination that Walters cannot let stand. 

The policy change takes effect on February 1 and has apparently caused quite a ruckus and headache for employees. In fact, the agency doesn’t even have enough desk space to welcome back its bureaucrats!

Check out this frantic email a staffer send out in search of desks that we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

First of all, the fact that Taylor Bush declares her pronouns in her email signature makes me worry she may not be long for the Oklahoma Department of Education. She/her better get to work on a resume quickly!

Second, I guess old Ryan – a guy who has little if any administrative experience and isn’t even organized enough to pay his speeding tickets – didn’t think things through and make sure the agency he leads had the resources and supplies in place to handle the employees he manages returning to the office.

As Kevin Stitt would say, “Imagine That.”

Obviously, this decision by Walters exposes him for what he really is – a hypocrite. The guy does most of his work at bars and the inside his tan SUV, but now he’s demanding employees return to the office even though the office isn’t ready to handle them. That’s as crooked as his tie knot!

Actually, I’d bet the impending dysfunction is a big reason why Ryan is making the move. 

As we know, he wants to cripple the Oklahoma Department of Education, force out long-time staffers, and make the agency a dysfunctional mess so he and his henchman can claim public education is broken and give taxpayer money to right-wing Evangelical parents so they can send their kids to Christian-run bible schools.

Making state agency employees work from small tables and credenzas is a good way to set that plan in motion.

Anyway, if you’re currently an employee trapped in the Walters administration and want to give us the scoop about what’s going on, be sure to hit us up on the Ogle Mole tipline.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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