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Kelly Ogle’s pic and bio officially scrubbed from News 9 website…

I guess his year-long reign as a “Special Correspondent” is complete.

11:06 AM EST on January 5, 2023

Over the holiday break, I got a tip via the Ogle Mole Network that a certain person was missing from the News 9 staff page

I quickly hopped over to the News 9 website, did some scrolling, and to my horror, realized that morning traffic vixen Kelsey Kerstine was no longer with News 9, apparently fleeing for News Nation in Chicago over a year ago!

In addition to that, I noticed that Kelly Ogle’s name, pic, and bio were also missing.

Although he was abruptly removed from the anchor desk last January, News 9 tried to save a little face (and some severance payments) and said Kelly was going to stick around as a “special correspondent” and focus on telling stories about the Oklahoma people. 

I don't think Kelly enjoyed the "put out to pasture" gig.

I did some searching through the News 9 archives, and it looks like Kelly Ogle only filed three “special reports” over the last year. They had to do with the Black Widow of Dallas, the Shrine to Blessed Stanley Rother, and a bunch of old white guys who get together each year to play baseball.

Basically, in the last 12 months, Kelly Ogle only had two more News 9 appearances than I did…

I guess the removal of Kelly’s face and bio from the News 9 website means his reign at News 9 is officially over after 20+ years. 

That’s probably bittersweet news for loyal Kelly Ogle fans, but there are some positives.

For example, it does open the door for Kelly to join his brothers Kent and Kevin at KFOR. Although that does carry the risk of the brothers uniting their infinity stones to destroy the known universe, you do have to admit it would be fun to see Kevin toss it to Kent who sends it to Kelly who hands it off to Kaitlyn who then sends it back to Dad.

Whether it’s uniting with his siblings at KFOR, or retiring to the family retreat at Lake Teleprompter to plot his next move, we wish the best to Kelly Ogle.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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