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Kelly Ogle out at News 9!!! (Updated)

It's the end of an era in Oklahoma City TV news!

Although we're still waiting for official confirmation, we're hearing via the Ogle Mole Network that longtime News 9 evening anchor Kelly Ogle – son of Jack, brother of Kevin, uncle of Abigail, and a proud giver of his two cents – was alleged dumped by News 9 earlier this week, explaining his recent absence from that station's 6pm and 10pm news broadcasts.

(Update: News 9 confirms Kelly Ogle’s departure from anchor desk!)

From those who are new around here, Kelly Ogle is as synonymous with OKC TV news as Bob Stoops is with OU Football. He has been with News 9 since the 1990s and served as their flagship news anchor for over two decades. He's perhaps best known for his My Two Cents editorial segment, where he'd routinely share his center-right conservative views on current events and political issues.

From what I'm hearing, this is apparently not a feel-good mutual decision. The news took everyone in the Ogle Clan off guard, and Kelly hasn't taken it too well. As one Mole put it, the breakup "isn't pretty."

That being said, there does appear to be some signs this was coming. For example...

1. Earlier this year, Kelly announced he was stepping away from the 5 pm anchor desk so he could focus more on "reporting." Since that announcement, weekend anchor Karl Torp has taken over the 5pm news, and has seen an increased role at the station. It shouldn't be a surprise then that Karl has been filling on the 6pm and 10pm new broadcasts since Kelly's abrupt absence.

2. As we've mentioned here a few times over the years, Kelly really hasn't been himself since he suffered a serious injury in a ladder accident in 2018. He's been noticeable slower in his teleprompter delivery and seems to sleepwalk through broadcasts. This, along with other factors, may have played a role in News 9's decision to part ways with a seemingly popular anchor with a recognizable household name.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this sucky story and let you know of any future developments.

For what's it worth, Kelly always seemed to have a decent sense of humor with what we do here at this site, and in our early days, was cool enough to do a Q&A with us. We wish him the best of luck in healing and finding new work, and hope everything works out for the ole KingPin.

I'm Patrick with The Lost Ogle, and that's my two cents.

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