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Update: News 9 confirms Kelly Ogle’s departure from anchor desk

Earlier today, we reported that legendary OKC newsman Kelly Ogle was out at News 9 after 20+ years on the job.

Since I hit the publish button, more details are becoming clear and we have a correction/clarification to provide.

As opposed to being dumped, which we originally reported, it looks like Kelly is simply being put out to pasture. His final broadcast from the anchor desk will be tomorrow night at 10pm. After that, he will hang around the station filing the occasional "special report" while Karl Torp takes control of anchor duties each night at 5pm, 6pm and 10pm.

Basically, it looks like News 9 is doing to Kelly Ogle what they did to Gary England nine (!) years ago.

We know all this thanks to News 9. In response to our report, they were forced to set the record semi-strait and rush out the following "organization update" to staff. If you're a Lost Ogle Member, you can view it below:

Well, I guess tomorrow night at 10pm is appointment viewing for Oklahoma news-watchers! It will be interesting to see what Kelly's final My 2 Cents will be – I bet it will be to not trust every detail you read in hastily written blog articles – and what type of cake they'll bring out as they segue to Steve Colbert.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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