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Bigoted Bartlesville Councilman shamed for taking son’s basketball team to Hooters…

10:39 AM EST on January 6, 2023

The drag show culture war fight is going strong in Oklahoma!

Earlier this week, the Bartlesville City Council voted to create an ordinance that would ban adult entertainment – a.k.a. “Drag Shows” – in city parks and public spaces.

They did so despite warnings from city lawyers that the ordinance could easily be challenged in the courts, and create legal headaches for the city they represent.

Here are details via the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise:

Bartlesville City Council voted on Tuesday to direct city staff to write an ordinance banning "adult entertainment" in public parks in response to public outrage against a drag queen performance last August during the annual Pride Event hosted by Oklahomans For Equality Bartlesville…

After much discussion and confusion from city councilors about what they were asking for, the council chose to ignore the advice and warnings from city staff about the legal and unforeseen consequences of restricting performances in public parks, as well as from two city committees that believe there are already enough laws in place to protect the public.

Ultimately, they asked City Attorney Jess Kane to seek outside counsel to help draft language that would end drag queen performances in public parks using both a content-neutral and an obscenity approach.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to several drag shows in my life, most of them being while drunk at the old Hi-Lo. They’re silly and harmless and really not my thing, but if some group wants to host a tame version of one at some park, feel free. It doesn’t bother me at all. And if for some reason it bothers you, I have an idea – don’t go. Problem solved!

But, as we know, for the holier-than-thou conservative culture war fighters who populate this state, and want to force all people to live life according to their antiquated, judgemental, and very bigoted moral code, life can’t be that simple. Even though drag shows don’t affect them, they have to make an issue out of it.

One of those people is Bartlesville City Councilman Trevor Dorsey. 

According to his LinkedIn, Trevor is a self-proclaimed mentor, community leader, and coach, who – ironically enough – works for a place called Equity Bank.

Trevor not only voted for the anti-drag show ordinance, but introduced the motion that would effectively ban them.

He’s also apparently a big fan of Hooters. 

We know this thanks to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise. 

They published an expose yesterday reporting that Dorsey – a man who’s against people of various pronoun persuasions dressing up in flamboyant costumes and dancing – took his son’s basketball team to (gasp!) Hooters for a post-tournament victory dinner.

Bartlesville City Councilor Trevor Dorsey, who led a city council effort to prevent drag shows in public venues, rewarded his son's basketball team last year with a meal at Hooters, according to a Facebook post…

In the online post, Dorsey bragged that his son was "a total flirt" with the waitresses and "he had the Hooters ladies eating out of his hand the whole evening."

Before we continue, I also want to clarify that I’ve been to plenty of breastaurants like Hooters, Twin Peaks, etc. Just like with drag shows, they’re not really my thing. I don’t know if it’s watching women who are either too young or too old dressed in tight-fitting attire flirting with depressed Mustang dads who are behind on child support payments for tips, but I find them to be sad places. 

Plus, the waitresses at more traditional restaurants are usually hotter. 

That being said, if some dad wants to take his son’s basketball team to Hooters to eat some wings and stare at boobs, feel free. As long as I’m not forced to tag along, I don’t care.

Here’s more:

Dorsey claims he wasn't a coach but merely helped with the team. And according to him, he told the boys that if they won the tournament, he would take them to any restaurant they wanted and pay for the meal. The team chose Hooters and he obliged.

When asked again if he considers Hooters to be family-friendly, he said, "The boys were given the option of where they wanted to go. They wanted to go there."

Listen. I’m all for calling out hypocritical Oklahoma politicians who grandstand on their self-proclaimed high morals and decency while also displaying no morals or decency themselves, but this seems like a reach. 

If this dude wanted to organize a Ms. Hooters Wet T-Shirt contest at Johnstone Park while also attempting to ban citizens from holding their own drag shows, I could see why this is newsworthy.

But that’s not what he did.

This self-proclaimed mentor and community leader who’s all for public decency simply wanted to impress a bunch of red-blooded teenage boys on a basketball team, so he took them to a restaurant where he could lustfully gaze at scantily clad women eating out of his son’s hands.

There’s, uhm, nothing weird or hypocritical or disturbing about that.

Anyway, if you want to read more about the Bartlesville City Council’s culture war quest to ban drag shows from public parks, the Examiner-Enterprise has you covered. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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