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Questions surround Stitt’s mysterious trip to World Cup in Qatar…

11:11 AM EST on December 15, 2022

Yesterday morning, The Lost Ogle was the first American media outlet to report that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt quietly left the country this past weekend for a quick trip to Qatar right as the country was, coincidentally, holding one of the world’s largest sporting events.

Before we published the report, I sent a very cordial email to Carly Atchison – Stitt’s beloved Minister of Propoganda – asking run-of-the-mill questions like why’d he go, who paid for it, and if it violated the spirit of some pro-Israel laws the governor recently signed.

This was her reply…


First of all, if Carly Atchison refused to work with everyone who either publicly or privately called her a bad name, even if it was part of a broader joke, she’d probably be unemployed!

Second, if the Ogle Moles were ignorant and gave me bad information, why did this watered-down report about the trip by Carly’s BFF – TLO Super Fan Barb Hoberock – drop in The Tulsa World a few hours after I emailed about it?

Gov. Kevin Stitt returns from economic trip to Qatar

Gov. Kevin Stitt returned on Wednesday from a brief economic development trip to Qatar.

He was joined by Commerce Secretary Chad Mariska to promote Oklahoma’s energy industry, support the military and attract investment to the state, said Kate Vesper, a Stitt spokeswoman.

No taxpayer dollars were used to fund the trip, which was paid for through an economic development fund using private money, she said…

Stitt was able to attend part of a World Cup game in Qatar before returning to Oklahoma, Vesper said.

Yep, that’s it.

Stitt didn’t quietly sneak away to Qatar for some ROR and to catch World Cup action. He simply traveled to the country – during the middle of the world’s most popular sporting event – for an “economic trip,” even though it’s questionable whether or not Oklahoma can even do business with Qatar due to their anti- Israel leanings.

And don’t worry.

Even though Stitt was accompanied by a super small contingent of state employees, his OHP security detail, and the CEO of a local trust company, Oklahoma taxpayers didn’t pay a dime! It was all funded through an “economic development fund” using private funds raised by businessmen who obviously don’t expect anything in return.

Yes. Carry on, folks. There’s nothing to see here. Well, outside of Messi and Mbappe facing off on Sunday.

In all seriousness, you do have to be impressed by how fast Carly and company were able to get Hoberick to whip up a Stitt-approved news story about the trip! I bet they had the copy points ready and on stand-by just in case word about the quick little getaway got out. In fact, they were so pleased by their efforts to manufacture consent, they all made sure to spread the news.

For what it’s worth, there have been some Ogle Moles – you know, the ignorant ones with bad info who alerted us to the news – hit us up with more details and questions.

For example…

• Apparently, the Oklahoma National Guard and Stitt’s former Chief of Staff – Bond Payne – had big roles to play in organizing the trip, which begs the question – why’s the Oklahoma National Guard organizing economic development trips?

• The trip was allegedly fully paid for by the Oklahoma Business Roundtable. It’s a privately-funded slush fund that the good-ole-boy network put together to advance their personal business interests, or as they call it, "Oklahoma economic development." Why did they schedule the trip, and what sort of economic benefit can Oklahoma get from working with Qatar?

• Even though you’d think the Governor would want to promote an economic development trip to a foreign country, his team tried to keep this as secret as possible. According to one Mole, official schedules were scrubbed and the governor’s staff was told not to ask questions. Why was the trip so secret?

• We’re told the Governor’s own General Counsel advised against the trip. Why?

Anyway, I would email Carly those questions, but something tells me she probably wouldn't answer them. I guess we'll have to depend on ignorant Moles.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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