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Governor Stitt jets away to World Cup in Qatar…

The clandestine trip hasn't been reported by anyone in the local media. Well, until now.

12:11 PM EST on December 14, 2022

We've learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt quietly left the country this past Saturday to attend the World Cup in Qatar. He's expected to arrive back in the United States tomorrow. 

Apparently, Stitt was invited by the Qatar government and was personally accompanied by his former Chief of Staff Bond Payne, representatives from the Oklahoma Commerce Dept, and others. 

The trip was supposed to be clandestine, but this morning, while checking with the various Moles to see if the report was true, I searched “Stitt Qatar” on Twitter.

It looks like the Qatar government blew his cover:

First of all, if I knew that being Governor could score me some World Cup tickets, I may have tossed my hat in the ring! It’s a shame Stitt wasn’t able to get out to see the USMNT before they were eliminated! 

Second, why the hell is Stitt in Qatar?

I did some Google searching, and a couple of Qatari news organizations covered the visit. This one claims...

During the meeting, they discussed the joint action between Qatar and State of Oklahoma, including ways to enhance it, in addition to an array of topics of common interest.

That's weird. Back in 2020, Stitt signed into law HB 3967, a bill that “prohibits state contracts with companies that boycott goods or services from Israel or territories it occupies.” Considering Qatar and Isreal have very icy diplomatic relations, you’d think Stitt would have declined the invite out of Evangelical loyalty and principles.

Just kidding. We know Stitt doesn’t have principles. 

According to the Ogle Mole Network, the trip did cause some contention in Stitt's cabinet, with various advisors, including his General Counsel, advising against the visit.

Anyway, I shot over an email to our pal Carly Atchison with the Governor's office to get more information. You can view them below. We’ll publish a new article when (lol) she replies.

Stay w/ The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised. 

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