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LA-based YouTube comedian pokes solid, generic fun at Oklahoma…

The bit is called "Joins the Table" and has 150,000 views on YouTube

As most of our readers, fans, and haters know, I never turn down the opportunity to poke a little fun at this right-wing dystopian and dysfunctional state we call home.  

Although that can rub some cheerleaders the wrong way, I figured that as a lifelong resident of the state who’s spent too much of my life stuck in the Braum’s drive-thru behind a Ford F350 clad with truck nuts blaring country music, I’ve definitely earned the right. 

I guess that’s why it was a little bit weird to watch a recent bit by popular LA-based stand-up comic and YouTuber Ben Brainard that I found on the Oklahoma Reddit page

He produces this series called “Joins the Table” where he spends five minutes doing Google research on a state and then makes fun of it.

On one hand, it was kind of neat to watch a comedian actually go through the trouble of making fun of us by riffing on generic factoids that he probably found in an old Buzzfeed article. On the other hand, the bit lacked authenticity, and you could tell the person had no clue what it was like to live in Oklahoma.

Check it out:

Back in TLO’s olden days, I probably would have gotten all salty that some LA comic spent a couple of minutes ripping our state, and as a response, quickly produced a savage takedown article like we did on the Minnesota basketball writer who made fun of us, or the Memphis basketball writer who made fun of us, or the Houston radio host who called our Thunder girl chunky, but we’re in a different era now. 

Plus, you can’t get mad about the truth!

Although I didn’t laugh during the sketch, which I think was its intended goal, I guess I’m nicer now, can roll with the punches, and am a sucker for any video that references Braum’s, Gary England, or makes fun of our shitty governor. 

Anyway, as Oklahoma’s unofficial homegrown court jester, I’d like to thank Ben for producing the bit and wish him the best in his desperate quest to be on The Daily Show. If you’re bored, here’s a little clip he also made about our dumb Oklahoma town names. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

(For LA comics, that sign-off is a Gary England reference)

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