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Miss Bricktown clogs her way to Miss Oklahoma crown…

Who says there’s nothing fun to do in Bricktown?

In a sign there’s something wrong with social media algorithms, we crowned a new Miss Oklahoma over a week ago, and I’m just finding out about it today.

Her name is Lauren Frost. She succeeds Sunny Day – the geriatric Miss Oklahoma who won the title as a 26-year-old.

Yep, move over Miss Midtown, Miss Paseo, and my personal favorite, Miss N. May Ave. – Miss Bricktown is in the house and means business!

So what was Ms. Bricktown’s special talent? Was it expert masonry, stopping armed robberies, or performing sick tricks on Segways?

Nope, she’s a clogger. Here are some routines from previous pageants:

Wow. Can someone in the KOCO Weather studio please check on Jonathan Condor’s blood pressure?! If he watches that, he may melt and never recover!

In all seriousness, I wonder if Lauren is one of the people J.C. rescued during that winter weather spectacle many moons ago. It wouldn’t surprise me:

In addition to being a talented person who can dance and prance in uncomfortable shoes, Lauren is also hotter than a caquelon full of bubbling fondue from The Melting Pot.

Here is some photographic evidence:

I have an idea to get more people to go to Bricktown – populate it with more Laurens!

In addition to being talented and attractive, Lauren is well-spoken. She’s a big fan of hope:

She also interviews well.

Well, at least she did for the 15 seconds I watched of this interview she did with former Miss UCO – Shelby Love:

We wish Lauren the best of luck in the Miss America pageant later this year.

Oklahoma – a progressive and welcoming state for women – has a strong history with the pageant, producing six winners in its 100-year history. Sadly, we haven’t had a winner since Lauren Nelson took home the crown in 2007. That 17-year drought is the longest since the 41-year span between Norman Smallwood (real name) and Jane Jaroe. Can Lauren end that drought, take home the title, and earn a guaranteed spot at a local TV anchor desk for eternity? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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