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Oklahoma Hero Flips Off Ryan Walters…

6:35 PM EDT on September 28, 2023

Not all heroes wear capes!

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan Walters and the Oklahoma State School Board met for their monthly brouhaha at the Oklahoma Capitol complex. 

As opposed to other school board meetings, there weren't any shoving matches in the hallways or parents chewing out Ryan Walters to his face. Instead, we had an older woman doing something on behalf of the Oklahoma people... well, at least the sane ones.

Check this out: 

When I first saw the image from Diary of a Blue Dot, I wasn’t sure if the hand gesture was intentional or an accident.

Maybe she had an itch and inadvertently used the wrong finger, or perhaps the video was frozen in a split moment when only the middle finger was showing.

As a service to the Oklahoma people, I then hunted down the source video on the News 9 Facebook page. After six painful minutes of listening to Ryan Walters speak, I came across it and, can officially report that, yeah, the woman is definitely flipping off Ryan Walters…

That. Is. Awesome!

Give this woman a gold star, medal and lifetime supply of free coffee to the Harbor Mountain Coffee House as a reward! She deserves all of it!

The woman in question is Margaret Bernard-Howe. She’s a registered nurse in charge of the Oklahoma Vaccine Coalition – a now-controversial organization thanks to anti-science moms who do their scientific research while scrolling through Facebook on the toilet.

She shot Ryan the bird while he was going on one of his anti-trans rants, complaining about a “Woke activist judge” sent by Joe Biden to force school districts to change trans students' birth certificates or whatever. 

Throughout the video, she gave a variety of colorful winces, groans, and facepalms as she sat in silence, listening to the chode spew his rightwing propaganda and rhetoric. 

She was also the first person to speak during public comment portion of the meeting, walking to the podium to voice her support for Tulsa Public Schools and their former superintendent – Deborah Gist. 

Anyway, I’m sure some people on the nutjob right are going to overreact, complain about the inappropriate gesture and try to get Margaret canceled, but that would be an overreaction. 

First of all, she didn't spit on anyone.

Second, if we canceled everyone who silently flipped off Ryan Walters to his back, we wouldn’t have any public school teachers. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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