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Oklahoma parent chews out Ryan Walters to his face…

Despite his best legal efforts to close an open meeting and keep his many critics stuck in the hallway, some people were still able to slip through the cracks and give Ryan Langston-Walters a piece of their mind at yesterday's State School Board Squabble.

One of those people is Erica. 

Dressed up like a Hideaway Pizza employee, she marched to the podium and scolded Ryan directly to his droopy face, reciting a pointed monologue that called him out for neglecting his official duties, politicizing his office, and making the Oklahoma Department of Education a battleground for today’s American culture wars. 

Please watch it:

On Monday, I took some heat from the always tolerant and inclusive left when I went off the tribal culture war script, busted some left-wing balls, and dared state that some of their protest tactics at a recent Ryan Langston-Walters prayerathon were “annoying.” 

Well, let it be stated on the official culture war record that this was the exact opposite – an incredible, 100% Grade-A American double bad-ass ass-whipping!

Seriously, someone needs to give Erica a public address achievement medal. She verbally undressed Ryan like Coach Koons leading a football practice! I’m surprised Old Ranger and Edmond Lennie didn’t dress up like cops and try to arrest her for assault!

Just look at this sad, priceless face:

I don’t think Ryan’s been that upset since he learned his family no longer got a discount at the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop!

Although Erica made some excellent points and observations in her speech, and thoroughly explained how Ryan’s antics are bad for Oklahoma students, teachers and everyone else in the state, we all know it fell on deaf ears. It also fell into his plans to make the Oklahoma education system appear as toxic and divisive as possible.

That being said, it was still awesome and therapeutic to hear. It was like she was Mel Gibson – Ryan's favorite actor – rallying the troops in Braveheart. I can't wait to hear what Erica says or does next.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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