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Elderly Vigilante Ticket Ushers Charged With Misdemeanors

2:06 PM EDT on July 10, 2023

At last month’s State Board of Education meeting, a couple of notorious Ryan Walters enforcers from Edmond – Leonard “Old Ranger” Scott and Ed “Homophobic Bigot” Moore – appointed themselves as unofficial ticket ushers and passed out homemade deli-style tickets to all the angry people who wanted to observe or speak at the meeting in person.

Although they didn’t have permission or legal authority to serve in their self-appointed roles, they took their job about as seriously as the Black Knight guarding a bridge, blocking a door and saying “None Shall Pass” to the angry common folk who wanted access to the hallway that led to the meeting room. 

This didn’t sit too well with some people who really wanted to yell at Ryan Walters – like various teachers, parents, and my angry Irish pal Sean Cummings – so a mild little brouhaha broke out.

With tempers flaring and a few shoves emerging from a cloud of dust, the OHP quickly arrived on the scene and escorted Sean – along with Ryan’s septuagenarian strongmen – out of the facility. 

The OHP conducted a quick investigation into what went down and forwarded it to new Oklahoma County DA Vicki Behanna. Earlier today, she charged the vigilante ticketeers with multiple misdemeanors.  

Here are details via KOKH:

Two of the three men involved in a scuffle last month at the State Department of Education monthly meeting have been charged with several misdemeanors.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney, Vicki Behanna, charged Edwards Moore and Leonard Scott with obstructing or impeding passage within a state building.

Edwards Moore is also charged with two counts of assault and battery, for allegedly assaulting a teacher who was attending the meeting and a security officer.

Leonard Scott is also charged with willfully disturbing, interfering with or disrupting state business.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time we’ve written about Moore. He was one of the crazies who appeared before the Edmond City Council to publicly declare his homophobia and protest a Pride Month declaration. He also briefly ran for Edmond mayor last year before dropping out of the race. 

I don’t believe we’ve ever written about Leonard “Old Ranger” Scott. He’s a decorated military veteran who served in Vietnam – something we salute – and now passes the time by posting right wing memes on Facebook, decorating his truck in American flags and camping out in parking lots and, apparently, making cheap hand-made counterfeit public meeting tickets, something we don't salute.

Seriously, check those things out:

Come on, soldier! If you’re going to play the role of certified state ticket dispenser, at least show a little class and buy some real-life raffle-style tickets. Do you really think a state employee is going to waste time printing these things out on a copy machine and then cutting them out? Those things look cheaper than one of Ryan Walter’s Kohl’s suits!

Although Moore and Scott were hit with misdemeanors, DA Behanna ignored OHP’s recommendation and didn’t charge Sean Cummings with any crime.

No charges have been filed against Sean Cummings, the third person accused of being involved in the scuffle that happened at the June 22nd OSDE meeting.

In prior court documents, Cummings was noted as one of the people blocked by Scott from entering the meeting room.

The court documents say Cummings took an "aggressive posture" with Scott and in a "threatening tone" yelled "don't get in my way, don't get in my way."

Troopers who responded to the scene recommended two charges for Cummings: disturbing state business and incitement to riot.

I’ll admit, I know Sean and occasionally enjoy his company when free food is involved, so I am a little biased, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong or illegal with showing an “aggressive posture” and yelling “Don’t get in my way” in a “threatening tone” at two vigilante ticket ushers are trying to illegally block your entry into a public event. If anything, Sean should get a certificate for not going full angry Irishman and escalating things further. 

Anyway, although I don’t think Scott or Moore should do any jail time for their stupid transgression, I do, however, firmly believe that the punishment should fit the crime, so I hope a judge sentences them to 40 hours of community service serving as ticket takers at local library drag shows. That will show them.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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