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Ryan Langston-Walters implements new OSDE crowd control measures…

1:47 PM EDT on July 26, 2023

One month after his elderly vigilante ticket ushers turned the OSDE Board Meeting turned into a Royal Rumble, Ryan has found a new and more legal way to prevent protestors, activists, and even his supporters from causing a scene and ruckus inside OSDE hallways.

Earlier today, my angry Irish pal Sean Cummings stopped by OSDE to, I assume, camp out for a prime hand-printed seating ticket and noticed these fire marshall notices on the door: 

Yep, right as the State Board of Education meetings were getting fun to watch, Ryan the Fun Hater brought out the fire marshall to limit people from protesting his continued assault on public education in Oklahoma. 

Well, at least that’s what I assume. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Old Ranger and his bigoted pal – Edmond Lennie Small – dressed up like a fireman and put up the flyers themselves. It seems right up their alley. 

On that note, Old Ranger and Edmond Lennie have become popular celebrities in the Oklahoma Christian Nationalist meeting circuit. 

For example, check out this clip of the duo appearing with crazed right-wing Enid pastor Wade Burleson. Wade defends their vigilante crowd control actions, admonishes Sean Cummings, and kind of threatens new OK Country DA Vicki Behenna.

Listen, I’m a bit too tired and hungover to go through all the blatant lies and misrepresentations Wade told in that clip, but if he thinks Sean’s mouth is too foul and indecent, he should try the man’s haggis!

In a normal and perfect world, it would be neat to see people care so deeply about public education policy that the fire marshall has to come out to determine a hallway capacity for a board meeting, but as we’re reminded on a near-daily basis by Ryan Langston-Walters’s existence, the world is far from perfect. 

These meetings are a hot ticket item because Langston-Walters has turned them into culture war battle zones, a place where they can unleash their latest theocratic policy proposals, or share videos that portray Oklahoma teachers as unhinged lunatics. 

Considering Ryan benefits from the controversy these meetings cause, you really have to question his judgment to have the fire marshal limit attendance.

You’d think he’d want angry teachers, parents, and his septuagenarian strongmen congregating in a packed, humid hallway, screaming and yelling at each other while blocking doorways with walkers.

It makes me wonder – perhaps it’s time to move the State School Board Meeting to a bigger venue, like the fairgrounds or something like it, and air the proceedings on pay-per-view. I’d probably fork over $49 to watch Sean and Edmond Lennie duke it out in a ring.

Anyway, I guess we’ll monitor tomorrow’s Summer Slam board meeting and provide any updates that happen. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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