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Elderly enforcer caught spitting on protester at Ryan Walters press conference…

12:55 PM EDT on July 24, 2023

Say what you want about Ryan Walters – old, right-wing religious people seem to love him!

Just weeks after a pair of his most loyal elderly enforcers were charged with misdemeanors for causing a ruckus outside a state school board meeting, a white-haired grandma has become the ire of the left-wing Twitterati after she allegedly spit on a protestor at a recent Ryan Langston Walters press conference. 

Here’s the set-up…

On Friday afternoon, Ryan and the OK GOP held a hastily put-together press event in Tulsa to defend some wacko Tulsa school board member who was recently reprimanded for giving a public prayer at the Tulsa East Central High School graduation in May. 

The event drew the typical mix of right-wing, silver-haired supporters, angry left-wing rainbow-haired detractors, and other various culture warfighters and media figures in search of some social media love and attention. 

For the most part, the press conference went along as smoothly as a double-wide being dragged down an Oklahoma dirt road, frequently being interrupted by taunts and jeers from a loud and rowdy batch of protestors.

This didn’t sit too well with an old lady in the crowd, who eventually dispensed with her own form of salivatory vigilante justice. 

Here’s the full Zapruder film of the incident. The spit takes place around the 7:30 mark. We’re still trying to determine if there is a second spitter...


Separate church and state or our kids are not free. Point blank. Here’s a glimpse of our protest 7/21/23 @Defense of Democracy - OK @Erican 🌹 #tulsa #ryanwalters #separatechurchandstate #veteran

♬ original sound - Erika

Seriously, does anyone else think it’s weird and creepy that Ryan and Matt are counting on septuagenarian strongmen (and women) to keep order at his events?

First, they created fake tickets and blocked the entrances to public meetings with their walkers, now they’re spitting on protestors at press conferences! These people need to be careful here, otherwise, someone may break a hip!

All that being said…

I’m not a fan of Ryan Walters, religious indoctrination, or old cranky people who can't control their own saliva. I also don’t condone spitting on people, but dear heavenly imaginary God, could those left-wing protesters be any more annoying? 

I get why they’re angry and everything, but sometimes it feels like their antics do more harm than good. After 7 minutes of watching that video, we should be thankful Granny didn’t bust them all in the kneecaps with a cane, or throw rock-hard candy at them from the bottom of her purse.

As you can see, the video went viral on TikTok and Twitter, with various clips generating 1,000,000 views. It also made the rounds on Twitter or X or whatever it’s called now:

Uhm, did the people openly declare themselves as veterans? Unless they were wearing their fatigues, insignia, or big war veteran hat, how was she supposed to know?

As soon as the video went viral, a witchhunt ensued to identify this lady of the loogies.

She was quickly identified as Roberta Pfanstiel – a regular in the local right-wing MAGA cult, who is married to Broken Arrow pediatrician, Dr. Carl Pfanstiel. 

Thankful and blessed... and full of spit.

With the footage of Roberta's spit attack flying across social media, that TizzyEnt guy who always sneaks across my Twitter/X feed made a video about her. Check this out:

I hate to correct the record when it doesn’t fit a fun and hysterical narrative, but the pic Tizzy claimed was snapped at the January 6th rally at the US Capitol was actually taken on 23rd and N. Lincoln in OKC. Womp womp. 

Anyway, I guess the people who were spat on by the slobber witch are apparently trying to press charges. If you ask me, that’s a big waste of time. 

Although spitting on someone is gross and should count as minor assault, I don’t think the protesters were harmed. Plus, Roberta can play on plausible deniability and blame the whole incident on her dentures... or dementia. 

Either way, we’ll continue to monitor this story, and any upcoming senior follies and misadventures from Ryan’s select crew of elderly enforcers. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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