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Trump scolds Stitt over Desantis endorsement…

11:31 AM EDT on June 12, 2023

Back in March, when Trump visited the NCAA Wrestling Tournament in Tulsa to chum it up with Marcuswayne, we noted that Governor Kevin Stitt was curiously silent about the visit on social media, suggesting he may be hitching a ride on the Desantis presidential bandwagon.

I bring that up because, well, we were right!

Over the weekend, Florida Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Ron Desantis visited Tulsa to bond with Stitt, roll up the sleeves, and make their GOP bromance official.

Yep, Stitt endorsed Desantis!

That’s cute. It’s always nice to see two f*ck buddies give in to temptation and define the relationship for everyone to see!

Stitt’s endorsement isn’t a big surprise for those in the political know. He and his political posse have done everything but leave a toothbrush in Desantis’s bathroom.

Chris Wilson – the Oklahoma pollster who picked Stitt to officiate his wedding – is the official partisan pollster for the Desantis Super PAC. And as we mentioned a month or so ago, Stitt’s former Communications She-Troll, Carly Atchison, recently left Stitt’s communication office to work for the Desantis presidential campaign. Now all we need is for Desantis to hire Drew Stitt as a chauffeur, and the pilfering of Stitt's political circle will be complete!

For what it’s worth, Carly thinks her old boss’s endorsement of her new boss is “powerful.”

Although everyone expected Stitt’s endorsement to happen, some on the right aren’t liking it.

For example, Stitt’s old pal Donald Trump fired off his thoughts on the endorsement earlier this morning on Truth Social.

That’s awesome! We’ve actually scored a pic of Stitt calling Trump when he was in BIG trouble. Check this out:

Okay, that’s actually from a different phone call with Trump, but whatever, I’m sure that’s how it all went down.

Although Trump wasn’t the first Presidential candidate to win all 77 Oklahoma counties – in fact, every Republican candidate since 2004 has achieved the same Sooner sweep – I think Trump has a legitimate petty gripe here.

Since he announced his Gubernatorial run back in 2017, Stitt rode Trump’s presidential coattails every chance he could get, even crediting the Golden One’s presidential run as inspiration for his own foray into politics. Now, just six years later, Stitt’s abandoning his inspirational mentor for a younger and squattier culture warfighter from Florida. That is kind of shady!

If you want to read between the political lines here, obviously Stitt thinks Trump doesn’t have a chance to win the presidency, and by endorsing and backing Desantis early, increases his chances of being named Secretary of Commerce or Ambassador to Azerbaijan before he is term-limited in 2026.

Although that’s a decent calculated political gamble, it would still require Desantis to defeat Trump in the primary, something I can’t see the GOP MAGA cult allowing.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow the Stitt and Desantis bromance over the next, uhm, 10 to 16 months or so. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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