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Carly Atchison leaving Governor Stitt’s Comms Office!!!

10:17 AM EDT on May 3, 2023

We have some terrible news to report for fans of propaganda, misinformation, and flaming right-wing rhetoric. 

Thanks to a tweet from the OKPoliticalMeme Twitter Account, we have learned that Carly Atchison – Governor Stitt’s famed Communications She-Troll who lives exclusively on a diet of Fox News soundbites, liberal tears, and banned library books  – has accepted a new job starting May 22nd. 

As a result, the Oklahoma Governor’s office is in search of a new Communications Director! 

Here’s the email!

Wow. This is incredibly upsetting! When it comes to trolling and spreading devisice rhetoric on Twitter, Carly is one of the best. Hell, she’s so good at her job that she nearly got me canceled by the left-wing moral police! If she ever figures out how to survive in daylight without turning into stone, watch out world! It may never be the same. 

Obviously, the big question here is where is Carly going and who did she have to stab in the back for the job. Just a few weeks ago, she was talking about how moving to Oklahoma and infecting the local social media sphere with her unique brand of hard-core, vitriolic conservative dogma was the best thing that ever happened to her career:

Since she likes Oklahoma so much, I wonder if that means Carly’s going to stick around for a bit?

Maybe she was promoted to a higher position in Stitt’s Cabinet, or perhaps she’s leaving to join the OCPA, lead the OG&E PR team, or open a Harbor Mountain Coffee House franchise?

Then again, like any itchy communications virus, she could also be leaving for a new host to infect. Perhaps she's taken a government communications job in a new destination with a larger reach where she can more quickly and irreverently replicate and spread her online DNA, and do as much damage as possible. 

Since we don’t know the answer, I sent Carly the following email to get the scoop:

Although Carly claims she won’t work with me, I hope on a troll-to-troll level, she makes an exception and sends a curt reply. 

Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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