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Carly Atchison’s low six-figure salary provides great example of gender pay gap…

Despite being a better communications troll, she's paid less than her male counterparts...

Earlier this week, Wendy Suave-Suares with Fox 25 hopped on Twitter and decided to troll the trolls by teasing an “investigation” into the people who run the propaganda wings of Oklahoma's state government.

Wendy’s tweet didn’t sit too well with Stitt’s soon-to-be-former Communications She-Troll Carly Atchison. 

Before she leaves to (possibly) work for some Desantis Super PAC (and/or hunt Dalmatian puppies to make a new fur coat), Carly attempted to get ahead of the story and throw some patented shade at Wendy and Channel 25. 

Well, that escalated quickly!

As I would later ask, if A) KOKH is one of the lowest rated of the four OKC news stations and B) Oklahomans don’t care about Twitter, why is Carly hopping on Twitter to bitch about a story nobody is going to watch?

I think we know the answer.

KOKH’s report aired last night, and to the ideological embarrassment of Carly, it revealed that she earns less than her less-trolly propaganda male counterparts!

Check this out:

In Governor Kevin Stitt's office, Communications Director Carly Atchison takes home an annual salary of $107,000, with Press Secretary Kate Vesper netting $65,000.

But with her six-figure income, Atchison is hardly the highest-paid mouthpiece in Oklahoma state government. Among those pocketing more than her are two staffers for State Superintendent Ryan Walters. Press Secretary Justin Holcomb brings home $113,048 a year, and it's a $130,000 gig for his chief advisor, Matt Langston.

Langston, a political consultant, has come under fire for taking that job while still living in Texas.


Imagine spending over two years working for Governor Stitt, running an absolute masterclass in the art of spreading lies, distortion and political propaganda – all while simaltenously attacking, agitating and attempting to discredit the local media – and then seeing some guy who doesn’t even know how email works swoop in an immediately make more money than you!

Seriously, that had to burn more than spilling a cup of fresh Harbor Mountain Coffee in your lap! 

It’s no wonder Carly was so salty about the report.

Would you want your D.C. field hockey politico friends from back east knowing that a former editor of who can’t even get his boss on an “Education for Dummies” panel at CPAC makes more money than you?

Here’s more:

In Attorney General Gentner Drummond's office, Phil Bacharach also makes $130,000, with Press Secretary Leslie Berger bringing home $75,000.

Handling communications for Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready, Liz Heigle brings home $95,970.

In State Treasurer Todd Russ's office, Jordan Harvey makes $85,000, with his other media contact Chris Biggs netting $63,000 a year.

Jump back Loretta and get Val on the Gentner! Phil Bacharach earns $130,000 a year?! I think that makes him the highest-paid reviewer on the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle! How can he make that much money and not spend all day on Twitter trolling reporters and the general public? I demand an investigation!

Also, for $85,000 grand, you’d think Jordan Harvey would do a better job proofing the lists of banks our state is banning.

Here’s more:

Public Affairs Director for Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn, Liz Searock, makes $78,644 annually.

And in Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell's office, Communications Coordinator Mariah Carter has a $60,000 salary.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of feel sorry for Mariah Carter.

Can you imagine having to kiss Matt Pinnell's ass all day, following him around the state to ribbon cuttings, groundbreaking ceremonies and state parks, for only $60,000 a year? Give that woman a raise immediately! I bet she has nightmares about Route 66, Swadley’s BBQ, and being trapped at Furry Conventions at Roman Nose.

Anyway, what were we originally talking about here? Oh yeah, Carly Atchison making obviously less money than her male counterparts who do the same job at lesser state agencies. 

I’m not a lawyer, but you’d think Carly would have a pretty strong wage discrimination case.

Then again, that would require her going woke and filing an EEOC complaint acknowledging she was paid less due to her sex chromosomes. Just like a field hockey stick striking her toe, I bet she’ll brush it off and move along to the next job that pays her less simply because she’s a she-troll as opposed to a he-troll. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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