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Oklahoma State Treasurer forgets to proofread list of banks he’s banned…

Well, it looks like we’re not the only ones who need to hire a proofreader

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma State Treasurer Todd Russ proudly released a list of financial firms that are banned from doing business with the state because “they boycott the oil industry,” which is basically the flaming right-wing rhetoric way of saying these firms offer ESG investment options. 

If you know what ESG means, good for you. You’re smart.

If you don’t, well, it stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. In simple terms, it means that when investing money, people and firms consider not only the financial returns of a business, but also the impact of the investment on the environment, society, and the company's governance. Because oil companies, in general, suck in those categories, some of them don’t make the cut in ESG-centric portfolios.    

Anyway, never wasting an opportunity to show he's a pro-oil and gas tough guy, Governor Stitt quickly promoted Russ’s announcement. 

Check this out:

That’s cool!

Although Oklahoma’s ban will hardly make a dent in any of these firms’ operations or bottom lines, and the whole policy reeks of anti-capitalistic government overreach, it’s nice to see the culture-war fighters in Oklahoma government taking a stand on things that don’t matter.

That being said, I just ask if they’re going to provide a list of financial firms that are banned from doing business with the state of Oklahoma to at least show the courtesy of spelling their names correctly. 

Check this out:

At last check, there’s no such thing as Gosvenor Cap Management. There’s also no Tourchston VC Global Partner. That being said, there is a GCM Grosvenor and a Touchstone Partners. 

On a positive note, they did get Bank of America's name correct and didn't refer to it as Bank of ‘Merica. 

I guess Russ was alerted to the errors and eventually updated them on the state website. It looks like Touchstone Partners didn't even belong on the list:

Tourchston. Touchstone. Stepstone. Whatever stone you're throwing, their ESG B.S. isn't allowed in the draconian, behind-the-times utopia of Oklahoma. Sucks for them, I guess.

Anyway, whenever I point out someone else’s typos, I always like to acknowledge that I’m one of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

As I often say, if you read a Lost Ogle article and don’t spot a typo, misspelled word, or grammatical error, contact the FBI because I’ve probably been kidnapped and am being handcuffed to a toy train track in Mike and Marla Morgan’s basement!

That being said, I’m not the freakin’ State Treasurer of Oklahoma!

You’d hope the person in charge of our state’s finances would be a little more focused on details – like correctly naming the banks he wants to ban in a press release – than some dude hammering out blog articles while drinking a beer at 1pm. 

Then again, thanks to Oklahoma voters, the dude hammering out blog articles while drinking a beer at 1pm is probably more qualified to be State Treasurer than the actual State Treasurer, so what do I no.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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