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Carly Atchison chides “elitist” college-educated teachers…

She's putting wealthy fat-cat elitist educators in their proper place.

Late last week, Janelle Stecklein with CNHI Oklahoma filed a report about the efforts of Oklahoma lawmakers to allow people without college degrees to teach in Oklahoma classrooms – a key component of the legislature’s 2021 “Make Oklahoma Even Dumber” Act. 

Via the Enid News Eagle:

In response to Oklahoma’s continued teacher shortage, lawmakers passed a measure that no longer requires educators to have a college degree in order to teach permanently in public schools.

All a prospective educator needs now is a high school diploma and “distinguished qualifications” in their field to make them eligible to teach full time in K-12 classrooms. Those people don’t have to work toward a teaching certificate or take college classes, and legislators gave local districts latitude to determine what meets the “distinguished qualifications” threshold.

Supporters claim the law will make it easier for doctors, lawyers and other trained professionals to enter the teacher pipeline, but critics say those aren’t the people applying to teach. Public school watchdogs say they’re hearing of superintendents and school boards so desperate that they’re hiring people with high school diplomas.

Not surprisingly, the article made the rounds in the Oklahoma education social media echo chamber. 

For some reason, people who have dedicated their lives and careers to public education, even going so far as getting a college degree specializing in the field, took issue with Oklahoma’s teacher qualification standards dropping to such embarrassing lows, and shared their grievances in the social media void. 

Naturally, this caught the attention of Kevin Stitt’s Communications She-Troll – Carly Atchison.

As a Virginia Beach native who played the blue-collar sport of Field Hockey for a prestigious DC-area private school, and now earns $100,000+ a year spewing out propaganda for the Governor of Oklahoma, she couldn’t resist the opportunity put all the regal and pompous educators who literally make thousands of dollars a month in their rightful place. 

Check this out:

That’s awesome! 

It takes a lot of courage for someone who routinely mocks, criticizes, and looks down upon public school teachers from her perch inside the Governor’s office to claim Oklahoma educators are “elitists” for thinking there should be minimum education requirements for educators, so I’d like to applaud Carly for being so brave.

Seriously, how dare those fat-cat elitist educators who don’t like our state government’s efforts to allow unqualified teachers into classrooms, and further degrade the teaching profession and Oklahoma public education system in the process, voice their complaints on social media!

They’re nothing but elitist snobs who care about Oklahoma students and want them all to receive a quality education taught by people who actually have studied the craft of education!

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Anyway, if you’re one of those “elitist” who thinks teachers should have college degrees in the field of education – or you’re a recent high school graduate looking for a job with decent benefits – you can read the full article here about our governments attempts to solve the Oklahoma teacher shortage in perhaps the dumbest way possible.  

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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