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The Lost Ogle celebrates four more years of scandal-ridden political content!

The Braum’s eggnog had to be flowing last night at Stitt's Edmond mansion... errrr... “Private Residence.”

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, well, you’re an Oklahoma pollster!

Yesterday evening, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt cruised to an easy victory over Joy Hofmeister in the Oklahoma gubernatorial election, defeating the Republican-turned-Democratic by a decisive 55% to 42% margin, guaranteeing The Lost Ogle four more years of clickable content covering his scandals, gaffes, grifts, and out-of-state emergency ski trips.

As we know, some unreliable polls showed Ole Stitter with a slim lead or even trailing heading into election night, but yesterday's win never seemed in doubt. In fact, Kevin’s victory was actually larger than his stampede over Drew Edmondson in 2018!

Yes, 2018 was a much different situation than 2022. Dems had that Blue Wave thing going, there was an unpopular Republican in the White House, and Stitt wasn’t an incumbent, but either way, his dominance over Hofmeister probably explains why he treated the victory like he just killed two black bears with one arrow...

Boy, I bet the Braum’s eggnog was flowing last at Stitt's Edmond mansion...errrr... “Private Residence!”

And you know what, good for Stitt. He deserves it. Although he massively underperformed when compared to virtually every other Republican on the statewide ballot, he fought hard and won thanks to the always reliable Derplahoma voting base. Congrats, Governor! 

Another Republican who deserves props is...

Yep, Stitt’s Public Education Broseph – Rayn Walterz – won the State Superintendant’s race, defeating President Joe Biden’s liberal socialist indoctrination CRT porn policies – a.k.a. Jena Nelson – by a count of 57% to 43%.

Walters’s big win is bad news for people who value public education, have IQs over 100, or identify as cats, but excellent news for right-wing grifters who want to use culture wars and fear-mongering to destroy public education from the inside, privatize it and then scrap all the parts. 

Naturally, Walters has been gloating about the victory in the local media circuit, enthusiastically staying on point and promising to get Joe Biden and liberal indoctrination out of our classrooms.

I have a hunch his reign will be similar to that of his mentor Janet Barresi, and there’s a decent chance he’ll be primaried in 2026, but until then, I think we’ll have a fun time covering his reign of terror. Maybe we’ll even get to check out a Patriotic Reeducation Camp! Who knows!

Anyway, although I think Stitt and Walter's victories are not good for Oklahoma, they’re great for The Lost Ogle business model, so I’d like to thank them and Derplahoma voters for showing up at the ballot box and telling those unreliable polling groups who’s boss. 

I’ll have more election thoughts up later today or tomorrow. Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.   

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