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Markwayne compares his irrational fear of subways to rational fears of guns and school shootings…

9:48 AM EDT on May 31, 2022

As we've documented over the past nine years or so, Markwayne Mullin is a blabbering, lying, moronic, trust fund shithead who proudly takes a simple-minded, unsophisticated, Twin Peaks tough-guy approach to life, family, and politics.

Basically, he's the type of politician that most Oklahomans want to cook meth with, which probably explains why he's currently the polling favorite to be our next US Senator!

Markwayne's intelligence, or lack thereof, was on full display this past weekend when he recently went on one of those fringe conservative cable news outlets to talk about the divisive wedge issue of gun control following yet another school shooting....

He hit on the standard right-wing fearmongering points like the "left wants to get rid of the second amendment" and how Joe Biden and Kamala are simply out to "politicize" how an 18-year-old madman can easily buy deadly weapons to shoot up a school, supermarket or any of the other places on this list.

To solidify his argument that we shouldn't ban certain guns that nutcases can use to mercilessly gun down children while cowardly cops stand around in a hallway waiting for a fresh batch of donuts, Markwayne also shared a brilliantly stupid analogy trying to compare his irrational fear of DC Metro to more rational fears of guns and school shootings.

Check this out:

Yep, that guy is the polling favorite to be our next Senator. Leave it to podunk Oklahomans to find the dumbest guy for the job, and then give it to him simply because he has a rich dad and shares their inability to pronounce "tragedy." I guess George Carlin was right when he said – "Garbage in. Garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders."

All that being said, I will give Markwayne credit for being consistent in his views. He's scared of the subway and doesn't want to ban them. And as we learned during the attempted January 6th insurrection, he's also scared of guns and doesn't want to ban them. So at least he has that going for him, which is nice.

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