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Raising Cane’s has perfect, accurate nickname for NW 23rd and Penn location…

As we've long documented, the crossroads of NW 23rd and Penn is the most "entertaining" intersection in Oklahoma City. It's not really close. Where else in the metro can you find a homeless man performing a puppet show for a family in a Range Rover all while a drug deal, prostitution deal and business deal take place inside a fancy two-story McDonald's that overlooks the metro's worst 7-11?

Apparently the people at the Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, one of approximately 25 fast food restaurants at or near the intersection, are very aware of their surroundings. Check out the nickname store employees gave to the location on the Cane's Website:

When a Mole sent this to me this week, I thought "That's funny. It's nice to know the general manager we all see on the billboard at 23rd and Classen has a sense of humor. I hope he doesn't get fired for this."

Well, I don't think that's going to happen. Apparently the store employees picked the name:

Yeah, that's right. The Cane's Crew picked the nickname themselves... because the restaurant "opened on Halloween." That makes perfect sense. I doubt it had anything to do with employees working under the constant fear and stress that the man wearing the striped red and green shirt who's having a heated conversation with the light post at the corner may want tasty fried chicken fingers at any moment.

After further investigation, it appears Cane's does this gimmick with all their locations. Here are some others around the metro:

Hmmn. Maybe we should hire Raising Cane's to name the new park? I bet they'd do an excellent job.

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