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Ogle Madness VI: First Round Recap

Well, that flew by!

The first week of Ogle Madness VI is complete. I've compiled all the results below. We had upsets, blow outs and some close calls. Check it out.


Northeast Region- Upper Bracket

The highlight of this region was Christina Fallin defeating Regular Jim Traber which, by all accounts, makes this the second time in a month Trabes has been beaten by a woman. Also, we saw the frist upset of Ogle Madness with the Prague Valedictorian knocking off Blake Shelton.


(1) Gary England (381 votes) defeated (16) KFOR's Social Media Director (123 votes)

(9) Christina Fallin beating (326 votes) defeated (8) Regular Jim Traber (199 votes)

(4) Scott Brooks (403 votes) defeated (13) Aubrey McClendon (101 votes)

(12) Prague Valedictorian (325 Votes) defeated (5) Blake Shelton (189 votes)


sweet brown cold pop apartment fire

Northeast Region-Lower Bracket

Sweet Brown destroyed College Berry Tramel. I wish "The Wire" was still in production because Sweet Brown seems like she'd be good comic relief to balance out the terrifyingly intense Stringer Bell.

STRINGER: Auntie Sweet Brown, you see any trouble, you call me. Alright?

SWEET BROWN: Ain't nobody got time for dat!

STRINGER: Oh, Auntie Sweet Brown. Seriously though. You see any weird sh-t, you call me.

SWEET BROWN: Ain't nobody got time for dat!

STRINGER: I'm not f--king kidding. Call me.

SWEET BROWN: Ain't nobody got time for dat!

STRINGER: Stop it.


(3) Sweet Brown beat (359 votes) defeated (14) College Berry Tramel (207 votes)

(11) Constance Johnson (324 votes) defeated (6) "Jeeeffff. Corndog!" (244 votes)

(7) Wayne Coyne (301 votes) defeated  (10) The Pioneer Woman (236 votes)

(2) Olivia Munn (443 votes) defeated (15) NE OKC Dragon (95 votes)


rowdy car

Midwest Region-Upper Bracket

Patrick's dog did what Jeri Askins couldn't do and beat (8) Mary Fallin.


(1) Joleen Cheney (493 votes) defeated (16) Unidentified Dead Man from 1981 (112 votes)

(9) Rowdy defeated (517 votes) defeated Mary Fallin (101 votes)

(4) Bob Stoops (414 votes) defeated (13) Guy from The Key (185 votes)

(5) David Payne (525 votes) defeated (12) Skip Bayless (74 votes)



Even though he was the higher seed, Mick Cornett surprised all of us by defeated Miss Oklahoma. I think it's the first time a man has beat a women in Ogle Madness. Wow, that sentence didn't come out like I wanted. Neither did that one.


(6) Mayor Mick Cornett (361 votes) defeated (11) Miss Oklahoma (285 votes)

(3) The Ogle Brothers (516 votes) defeated (14) Sally Kern (92 votes)

(2) Carrie Underwood (376 votes) defeated (15) 2012 Christmas "Blizzard" (207 votes)

(10) Abigail Ogle (463 Votes) defeated (7) Al Eschbach (139 Votes)


Southeast- Upper Bracket

emily sutton

Ogle Madness defending champion Emily Sutton beat the city of Hooker. She tweeted me @joeldavidd to let me know the date at Vast she was on was a charity thing. This mean she dates for charity, which makes her more than qualified to date me as that's how I've gotten every date in my life. Ever.


(1) Emily Sutton (488 Votes) defeated (16) City of Hooker (116 Votes)

(8) Jaime Cerreta (424 Votes) defeated (9) Linda Cavanaugh (192 Votes)

(4) Chuck Norris (456 Votes) defeated (13) James Lankford (134 Votes)

(5) Mike Morgan (422 Votes) defeated (12) Damon Lane (169 Votes)


Southeast Region- Lower Bracket

cardboardjimmedievalfair_0007_Layer 20

Cardboard Jim Traber beat Landry Hand-Jones which means the two dimensional version of Traber is liked by more than the three dimensional Traber. This ought to provide him with enough angsty fuel to yell into a microphone for the next year.


(6) Cardboard Jim Traber (307 votes) defeated Landry Hand-Jones (193 votes)

(3) Jessica Schambach (422 votes) defeated (14) Video Vigilante (68 votes)

(10) Sparkle Titsworth (277 votes) defeated (7) Wes Welker (221 votes

(2) Good Russell Westbrook (447 votes) (15) Josh Cockroft (43 votes)


Round 1- West Region- Upper Bracket

kendricka nd vanity perkins

Vanity Perkins beat Mike Gundy and Lucy Sparkles topped Blake Griffin. This is the bracket buster region.


(1) Kevin Durant (490 votes) defeated (16) Louis CK Bombing Jokes (41 votes)

(8) Thunder Girls (354 votes) defeated (9) Barons Ice Girls (172 votes)

(13) Vanity Perkins (287 votes) defeated (4) Mike Gundy (276 votes)

(12) Lucy Sparkles (269 votes) defeated (5) Blake Griffin (251 votes)


The Don't Lay That Trash on Oklahoma Commercial almost pulled off the amazing upset of Kristin Chenoweth, but came up short...just like Kristen Chenoweth.


(6) Tiffany Tatro (407 votes) defeated (11) Toby Keith (97 votes)

(3) Bibi Jones (367 votes) defeated  (14) Governor's Mansion Hot Tub (121 votes)

(10) Dean Blevins (293 votes) defeated (7) Greyson Chance (183 Votes)

(2) Kristin Chenoweth (298 votes) defeated (15) Don't Lay That Trash on Oklahoma Commercial (180 votes)


That's it! Thanks to everyone for voting this week, and especially if you made it this far. Round 2 begins on Monday!

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