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After 15 years, Dean Blevins still learning how social media works…

There's a new follow on social media, and his name is apparently Dean Wojnarowski.

Yesterday afternoon, the NBA off-season jumped into high gear when your hometown Oklahoma City Thunder traded Josh Giddey – a 21-year-old, under-appreciated, Australian Magic Johnson who will now be asking for two forms of ID when dating pretty blonde girls – to the Chicago Bulls for defensive ace Alex Caruso – a 30-year-old Charlie Hustle culture guy who, unlike Giddy, will need to actually be guarded from the three-point line.

Like most humans, News 9 sports director Dean “The Stream” Blevins learned of the trade from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski – the go-to source for all NBA moves.

We know Dean learned about the trade because instead of “reposting” Woj’s bomb with his own additional commentary – or simply texting one of his friends or brothers to discuss the trade like normal humans dude – Dean ripped off Woj’s reporting on a word for word basis and tried to make it his own.

Check this out:

In all fairness to Dean, he would also re-post the original Woj Bomb, but his odd copy-and-paste routine was met with immediate pushback from the local sports Twitterati – a deranged force of weirdos, creeps, and other opinionated deplorables who think arguing on the internet about sports with people you don’t know or never met is still fun in 2024.

They ratioed Dean, letting him have it like a waitress who forgot to bring Dean and Al another round of beer and radishes at Othellos.

Here are some examples:

Listen, nobody loves to make fun of Dean more than me, but I’m willing to cut the guy some slack here.

As we’ve well-documented over the years, he’s struggled as mightily with social media as he did the forward pass while serving as OU’s quarterback.

From revealing his anti-immigrant racism to using the wrong version of “come” to tweeting a video of Bourbon Street flasher that got him suspended from the Channel for a week, micro-blogging has never really been his thing.

Knowing Dean's struggles, I’d say there’s a 60% chance Dean had a brain fart and simply forgot how social media worked, and thought you manually have to copy-paste re-posts now.

I'd guess there's a 30% chance that he believed – at least for a little bit – that he magically switched bodies with Adrian Wojnarowski and became a respected journalist.

And, finally, there's probably a 10% chance that Dean was fishing for extra engagement and clout from the algorithms, but something tells me Dean doesn’t know what those words are, much less how they correlate with social media applications.

Anyway, whether you get your news from Dean or Woj or the new hybrid Dean Wojnarowski, I’d like to wish Giddy the best of luck in Chicago. He had some glaring weaknesses and limitations for sure – especially when it came to shooting – but he was a unique player with a high IQ and was a lot of fun to watch during his brief tenure in OKC, outside of playoff games against the Mavs.

I’d also like to issue a “Big Friendly” welcome to Alex Caruso, and can’t wait to watch him and Dort and Holmgren and J-Dub and SGA and everyone else unleash defensive havoc on the league.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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