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Here’s Dean Blevins’ deleted video of a Bourbon Street flasher…

deanblevins boob

Yesterday, we let you know that Dean Blevins tweeted, and then quickly deleted, a video of a Bourbon Street flasher having a good time in the Big Easy. Here's a snippet of our post:

As you know, the University of Oklahoma plays Auburn tonight in the Sugar Bowl. That means everyone in the local sports media gets to enjoy the debauchery of my personal favorite party destination – Bourbon Street.

This includes local ladies’ man legend Dean Blevins. Last night, Dean the Stream was hanging out with probably Al Eschbach, Barry Switzer, Toby Keith and some other old perverts on a Bourbon Street balcony watching women flash their boobs for beads.

Because Dean deleted the tweet soon after it was posted, the only evidence we had of the gaffe was this screenshot. Fortunately, an Ogle Mole came through last night and sent us this semi-NSFW recorded video of Dean's video. Make sense? Check it out after the jump. When you do, pay close attention to one of the familiar voices / laughs in the background.

Would you believe that?! Oglestradmous strikes again! You don't have to be regular listener of "Stump the Trump" or "The Dynamic Duo" or "Thai Strip Clubs" to know that's Al Eschbach's voice of encouragement cheering and ogling the flasher in the background. The only thing it was a missing was a big "Seeeeeeee Ya!" as someone's daughter ventured down the road to earn more cheap beads.

Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm dedicating so much of our new year to Dean Blevins informal audition to be a Girls Gone Wild cameraman. This is because...

A) You're reading this

B) Just like you, we need a little time to get going after a holiday break. Later today, expect a breakdown of some news stories you may have missed over the holidays, a food review from Louis, and Gravy Train's last-ever "College Football Musings."

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