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Dean Blevins would be happier if the people who served him also spoke Deanglish…

12:44 PM EST on December 17, 2013

dean blevins little smokies

At least he didn't send out a pic of his son in a cage.

Last night, News 9's Dean Blevins (hopefully) took his wife on a nice little overpriced date to the Melting Pot. We know this because he decided to tweet about his experience... and the disdain he has for low-wage immigrant employees who don't speak our language.

Here's a screenshot of the tweet. It's already been deleted:

dean blevins language tweet

Yes, Dean Blevins – a man who writes and speaks like a retarded Nigerian Prince – complained that some people don't speak "our" language. Uhm, does Dean even know what language he's talking about? Was he referring to Deanglish? I hope not. If everyone in the world spoke Deanglish either the world would have ended by now or we'd all be in a basement wearing a fur coat and blowing Barry Switzer.

Actually, maybe Dean Blevins needs to learn our language. I bet this is how his conversations go at the gas station where he's sold fuel:

"Can I help you?"

"Rosser News 9 Switzer nipple."

"Pardon me?"

"Ohio State smooth Durant drink another Stoop?"

"I'm sorry sir, but.."

"It itches like a Milk Dud BOOM tinactin!"

"Milk Duds and Tinactin?

"Did you hijack the smart ones. Jizzle and wiggle. Fuel like a sweet Nadal bicep stroking it."

"Are you okay, sir."

"I'm going to go pee in sec."

We're not the only ones who noticed the irony of Dean's ridiculous, borderline racist, tweet. It got a reaction from people on Twitter, too. News 9 even responded to it, which probably explains why Dean removed it:

News 9 doesn't appear to have a social media policy (although with Dean as an employee they probably should), so I doubt anything will come of this. That's okay, though. We don't want to have to end our "Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week" in the MMTs. Like a clever riddle or word game, Deanglish can be kind of fun to interpret.

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