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Dean Blevins Invented the “CumInHandy2Nite” Hashtag

2:19 PM EDT on April 16, 2014

deanblevins boob

Last night, OU defeated OSU 12-9 in an 18-inning battle at Allie P. Reynolds stadium in Stillwater. It was the longest game ever in the Bedlam series. Our condolences go out to everyone who was in attendance at game. Going through a 9-inning college baseball game is bad enough. 18-innings? That's just torture.

When the game approached the 14th inning, News 9's Dean Blevins put down what I assume to be a very large bong and Playboy magazine to share his thoughts about the contest:

Just like a poem, song lyric or Scott Brooks coaching decision, Dean Blevins tweets can be incredibly difficult to understand and interpret. In the tweet above, I think he was trying to say the Big 12 should have called the game, declared it a tie, and in the process, given Regular Jim Traber a fatal brain aneurysm. Maybe Dean has it out for Regular Jim?

Then again, perhaps Dean was trying to say that he "should call it a night." If so, he should have followed his own advice. It would have prevented this from happening 8-minutes later:

dean belvins cum tweet

Yep, Dean Blevins went with the #CumInHandy2Nite hashtag. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long. Realizing that he created a hashtag that's a better fit for an Al Eschbach vacation than sports and beer commentary, Dean eventually deleted the tweet. Oh well, at least he wasn't being racist.

Anyway, I asked TLO co-founder Tony – our resident expert on Dean Blevins' tweets – to decipher that puzzling, troubling tweet. He said Dean was probably trying to say one of two things:

• A beer would come in handy during a boring, 18-inning college baseball game.

• Dean Blevins planned on giving a hand job to Barry Switzer later that night.

I'd agree with his assessment.

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