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Sassy Psychic Medium Photographer Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges…

Back in December, we told you about the curious case of Brandon Burton – the "sassy and catty" psychic medium photographer who had the meltdown of all meltdowns after he was confronted by KFOR robo-reporter Dylan Brown over some photos he never delivered to a client. 

Remember that one? 

The In Your Corner report was absurdly funny, but also kind of disturbing because Brandon – a well-known baby photographer who’s taken thousands of pictures of affluent white Edmond babies over the years – seemed completely unhinged. 

Well, I guess where there’s unhinged smoke there’s a lunatic's fire.  

On Saturday, Brandon was arrested by Edmond police on Domestic Violence by Strangulation charges after he assaulted his partner during an argument in his home.

Here’s his mugshot…

According to the police report we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network, I guess Brandon and his partner got into an altercation over something in the kitchen.

Things escalated quickly, and Brandon attacked his partner, choking and punching him before throwing him into the wall and forming a hole in the drywall. 

Outside of the dead spirits that Brandon communicates with, there were no witnesses to the alleged attack, but observations by Edmond police at the scene seem to back up Brandon’s partner’s account of what transpired. 

Here’s the full report:


Yikes. That sounds like a pretty bizarre ordeal.

I’m glad Brandon’s partner is, at least in a physical sense, safe and okay, and only suffering from some cuts and bruises. I also hope Brandon treats this a much-needed wake-up call and gets the mental health treatment he obviously desperately needs. 

We’ll continue to follow this story and provide any updates as they become available. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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