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Sassy Psychic Medium Photographer Has “In Your Corner” Meltdown…

11:55 AM EST on December 5, 2023

Word to the wise.

If you ever hire Brandon Burton – a local photographer and psychic medium, who is the host of the Medium Readings with Brandon Burton podcast – to shoot some family photos to complement your “Live. Laugh. Love.” Hobby Lobby decor, make sure to pay him after you receive your photos. 

Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself on his time… and possibly KFOR’s “In Your Corner.” 

Thanks to a recent report that would make the Ghost of Brad Edwards proud, we learned that a Yukon Mom paid Brandon $150 to shoot some generic and cliche family photos.

Brandon – a man who claims to be able to communicate with dead people – never delivered the photos, so the Yukon Mom started sending some naggy emails asking for a response.

Instead of acquiescing and getting the mom her photos, Brandon replied with a “catty and sassy” email stating she’d get the stuff on his time and to consider herself “blessed and blocked.”

The Yukon Mom then called “In Your Corner” to complain, which led to KFOR whippersnapper Dylan Brown ending up on Brandon’s doorstop, and local TV news gold being made.

Check this out:

First of all, you can’t blame Brandon for being a tad irritated. Imagine waking up to some reporter knocking on your door asking why you never delivered the photos some Yukon Mom paid you $150 for, and not being sure if the reporter is real or just some ghostly apparition!

You know, like your neighbor’s dead husband who keeps watch over the streets at night:

I don’t claim to be psychic or have any metaphysical powers or prognostication, but something tells me Brandon’s neighbor met with a realtor the day after that conversation...

“So, why are you looking to move?”

“My late husband keeps watch over my house. Well, that is according to my neighborhood, who stands outside his garage each night watching angels roam the street.” 

I’m sure having hallucinations that you interpret as seeing dead people can take a toll on your mental health, but has anyone else noticed that mediums are a bit combative, eccentric, and very very sensitive to criticism? 

I learned that earlier this year when we threw together a snarky write-up about Disney voice-over artist / metaphysical medium Jarrad Hewitt. Instead of ripping off a Yukon Mom, his crime was decorating his Rose Creek mansion like an eccentric Pee Wee Herman:

After our write-up, Jarred sent catty emails, left sassy comments, and even got his angry sister to reach out to us! Basically, he acted a lot like a medium photographer does whenever you ask him to deliver the photos you paid for!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.  

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