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Carpetbagger Paul Bondar is an insult to crazy right-wing Oklahoma nutjobs everywhere…

Over the past couple of weeks, Oklahoma City TV viewers and local media ad buyers have been treated to a series of campaign ads by political newcomer Paul Bondar. 

Resembling Joe from Family Guy only without the wheelchair, he is seeking the Republican nomination for the OK House District currently held by establishment swamp-thing Tom Cole. 

Here’s one of campaign ads:

As you can see, Paul has a lot of the cartoonish qualities Oklahoma Republicans look for in a candidate. He owns a successful business, hails from the white race, and – in no particular order – loves guns, America and Donald Trump. 

As an added bonus, he’s also a proud supporter of the Three Percenters movement – the alt-right ideology that would love nothing more than for 3% of Americans to overthrow the government like it’s 1776 all over again. 

Right now, it appears the only knock against Paul’s conservative Oklahoma credentials is that he’s not technically an Oklahoman – an inconvenient fact that a terrified and desperate Tom Cole is now desperately pointing out in his own campaign ads:

I know you should never believe what a politician, car dealer or weatherman tells you on television, but there does appear to be some truth and validity to Tom Cole’s claims. 

KFOR gumshoe Spencer Humphrey decided to look into Paul’s background and residency and filed this lengthy report:

The gist of Humphrey’s reporting is that Paul is a wealthy insurance salesman from Texas who was recruited to run for Tom Cole’s seat by two disgraced and convicted felons who have been enthusiastically embraced by the Oklahoma GOP – Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. 

When asked about residency, Paul claims he’s temporarily living in a home outside Ada while developing a huge property near Durant, however, for his FEC candidate filing, he claimed to live in a Norman home owned by Nicole Kish – the failed right-wing conservative who ran for mayor of Norman and was a ringleader behind the unsuccessful Unite Norman movement. 

Remember her?

When pressed by Humphrey regarding where he lived and worked, Bondar stalled, dodged, and went with the whole “you’re breaking up” on me routine:

That’s funny. If Bondar really wants to be a politician, he really needs to improve on his lying skills. Playing dumb and saying your call is cutting out doesn’t work like it used to. 

As an independent voter who lives in the 5th Congressional District and won’t be voting for Cole or Bondar, I'll admit that I don’t really care who wins this race. 

Sure, I should probably root for the guy who actually lives, works and was raised in Oklahoma – and as opposed to working directly with the fringe right-wing groups that want to overthrow American Democracy, simply enables and panders to them instead – but in the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter to me. 

Hell, if anything I should pull for Bondar because he’ll provide way more interesting material than the snoozy Cole. 

That being said, I will say this – Bondar’s candidacy is an absolute insult and indictment of all the ultra-right-wing Deprlahoman nutjobs who were born in Oklahoma, raised in Oklahoma, and going to fight for the Red State Coalition in the next Civil War in Oklahoma!

Seriously, you’re telling me we Roger Stone and Michael Flynn couldn’t find one red dirt born and bred Derplahoman to run for Tom Cole’s seat?! 

Yeah, I know they went the Oklahoma nut job route with Jackson “Child Bride” Lahmeyer, and he underwhelmed and laid a massive egg, but at least give lunatic right-wing Oklahomans a second shot before recruiting some successful businessman from Texas to run for the seat. Did they not place a phone call to Brent Swadley, that baker from Fairview, or even the owners of Marcum’s Nursery before settling on Bondar? 

I think they’d all make better options to replace Tom Cole than some dude who looks like he’d filming a hostage video in his insurance commercials:

Then again, maybe Stone and Flynn have been around right-wing Oklahomans enough to witness their incompetence and know that, just like many Oklahoma-based businesses and/or Departments of Public Education, they have to hire people from Texas to get the job done right. 

Anyway, the Oklahoma primary election is on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, so it looks like TV viewers and media buyers will get another month’s worth of annoying commercials and commission payments. We’ll continue to follow it all and provide any updates. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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