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TLO Restaurant Review: Los Tacos de la May

Towards the tail end of 2023, I blew my wad and per diem on the most upscale'iest restaurants Oklahoma City has to offer, from old classics like Jamil's to up-and-comers like Sedalia’s Oyster + Seafood.

As a Catholic act of total contrition, I figured I'd start the year on a frugal note and hit up some of the more affordable culinary treasures in the Oklahoma City (and beyond) restaurant scene.

Aye mios dios, I started this adventure with one of the mejor taquerias in town, Los Tacos de la May, 4540 S. May Ave.

Not to be confused with the other Los Tacos, the eponymous eatery has a simple warming atmosphere that kills the brutally cold temperatures outside.

The restaurant has a variety of bold flavors on its menu, including a startling share of off-the-beaten-path selections, namely the wiener-heavy Salchiapas (cash $8.99, credit $9.35).

A beautiful concoction that a precocious Louis Fowler would have made as a kid for lunch, the simple dish is a platter of grilled hot dogs sliced and diced and uniformly layered on a bed of crispy French fries, with a bit of onion and a dash of mayonnaise to taste.

With the dual dipping sauce action of both spicy mustard and hot sauce, this was a childhood dream come true. The well-fried potatoes and creamy mayo compounded well with the charred bits of frankfurters and chopped onions creating a taste abomination that soothes the soul and settles the palette.

Speaking of ungodly combinations, I also tried the Vampiro Lornza (cash $3.99, credit $4.15) – a garlic-friendly snack featuring a deep-fried tostado lambasted with well-done carne asada meat and melted cheese, with a smattering of onions, dollops of salsa, and, of course, garlic.

And plenty of it...

As a deterrent against attacks from the mostly undead, this pungent threat brought all the bats in my belfry to the forefront of a fulfilling taste. The carne asada and melted cheese were already tasty, but it was the fear-inducing aroma of the fresh garlic made me sink my irregular teeth in it and not want to let go.

In the end, I had to wash my vampiric mouth out with my blissful Horchata ($4.15). Thank you, Jesus.

With my taste buds already buzzing like an angry hornet’s nest, it was time for the main dish: a Torta de Birria (cash $9.99, credit $10.39). Smacked with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise, as well as avocados, its fresh heat steamed my glasses with an erotic fog.

Of course, it was increíble.

The impeccable taste of the slow-roasted birria and the undeniable freshness of the avocados got me chowing down double-time. Paired with even more fries, it is a gran sándwich to be sure.

Overall, Los Tacos de la May is a mayor establecimiento. The modest eatery exceeded my expectations, serving up dishes rich in nostalgia and bold tastes that keep both my belly and wallet full.

Cómpralo ya!


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