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TLO Restaurant Review: Jamil’s Steakhouse

Last week, I was cordially invited to the swanky Jamil’s Steakhouse, 4910 N. Lincoln Blvd.

It was Patrick’s gift to me for the year of hard work and, as he said to me, an excuse for him to see if my girlfriend is actually real.

For the unaware, Jamil's is one of the oldest steakhouses in the metro, which is something you immediately know when you walk through its doors.

I feel like it got my kitschy sensibility, with the late-sixties vibe charging around the low-lit room. With velvet-like paintings of Oklahoma celebrities and a (non-working?) jukebox near the swingin’ bar, I knew I had found a new home away from home.

As soon as the upper-middle-aged garcon sat us down in a stable booth, and with barely any small talk, our complimentary "Lebanese" appetizers were delivered to the table.

A Mediterranean version of the Tex-Mex setup, it included homemade pita bread, flavorful hummus, tabouli, and lightly-pickled relish. It was one of the best pre-dinner apps around.

As the party looked over the menu, I had a Diet Coke and munched on the aforementioned pita bread. Meanwhile, the rest of the table shared a bottle of wine.

It was a hep-cat restaurant by Oklahoma City standards, especially when the orders were taken: three large steaks for three hungry beef-eaters and, for me, a slice of thick bologna, which I will double back on.

I was already feeling a tad full from the Lebanese pre-meal food orgy when even more complimentary apps arrived at the table in the form of a cabbage roll and smoke bologna.

Eventually, the main courses arrived and it was a beefeater affair.

Patrick ordered the prime NY Strip ($43.99), while his friend got the Angus Filet ($39.99), both allegedly served medium rare.

They looked like steaks, smelled like steaks, and according to Patrick and Co., tasted like steaks. Although there was a slight complaint about the way the filet was cut, they had adequate seared char and the slabs of protein were consumed promptly and adequately.

My girlfriend was a cheap date and opted for the grass-fed Top Sirloin ($28.99). As with the other steaks, it looked, smelled, and even tasted like one.

Although I like steak, I wanted something more adventurous, so with open eyes and a salted heart, I dug down deep and chose the Senator’s Smoked Bologna ($27.99). Unfortunately, the ghost of a Senator past jammed the picture, so this tweet promoting the TLO $29.99 Ryan Walter's subscription sale with have to do:

Featuring a large cut of 12 oz. bologna, grilled and pecan smoked, it came with BBQ sauce and a baked potato. While my selection was not nearly as tasty as the trio of steaks, the hot cold-cut was more than satisfying and delicious…but,  to be fair, it’s still bologna. Had I known I'd get a sliver as an appetizer, I probably would have made a more chicken-fried entree selection.

Before our server brought out the check—you got this, right Patrick?—she asked if we wanted some dessert. I sought her recommendation and, without fail, she brought me a Brandy Ice, and man, that truly hit the spot between cold and drunk. Try it, with or without the meal.

Out of all my food travels, I'd say Jamil’s is the best-dated steakhouse this side of Cattlemen’s in the Stockyards. It's a tad over-priced, but the worn, warm, and welcoming ambiance and friendly service make it a great spot to celebrate hard work, life, and enjoy a fancy meal with friends.

Cómpralo ya!


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