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Markwayne Mullin was a mentor to new House Speaker…

If Mike Johnson – the newly elected Speaker of the House – is ever caught lying to constituents, going on a covert rescue mission to Gaza, or simply selling his family business for over $25-million so he can purchase a lavish Florida mansion, I guess we know who to credit.

After Johnson secured the Speaker gig based primarily on the qualifications that he’s a semi-anonymous white male Christian, Oklahoma Senator Markwayne Mullin proudly told a squabble of reporters that he served as Johnson’s mentor when the two both served in the House of Representatives.

Via The Messenger:

“The irony of this is I was his mentor when he first came in so Mike’s a great guy,” Sen. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., told reporters. “Mike’s a very strong leader, constitutional attorney, very well liked. That’s why he’s able to be there. He’s actually the perfect candidate.”

That’s nice!

You don’t need to win the lottery and then die the next day to know that one of Washington’s dumbest people mentoring one of its most powerful is ironic, but I guess we should give it up to Markwayne for showing an inkling of self-awareness.

Seriously, Markwayne’s family wouldn’t trust him to train a plumbing apprentice straight out of vo-tech, but now he’s shaping and influencing the minds of DC’s most powerful people. What a great country we live in, huh? If that doesn’t prove America’s fallen into a full-fledged idiocracy, I don’t know what else does.

Although Markwayne served as Johnson’s mentor, we shouldn’t expect the new Speaker to follow Markwayne’s lead in every situation.

For example, as opposed to trying to greet rioters as they try to break into the Capitol, Johnson – a key strategist behind GOP efforts to steal the election – would probably go a step further and unlock the door.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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