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Tulsa World observes that Markwayne Mullin is a liar…

Earlier this week, the Tulsa World issued a scathing editorial – at least by their boring standards – criticizing Oklahoma commando congressman Markwayne Mullin for a letter he sent to constituents criticizing Jo Biden's infrastructure plan.

The World's outrage wasn't that Markwayne wasted taxpayer money mailing a letter to a large number of people who can't read, but that he had the audacity to spread lies and misinformation – two things that have become hallmarks of Markwayne's reign as a congressman.

Via The Tulsa World:

Congressman Markwayne Mullin took political exaggeration into misinformation with a recent letter blasting President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, claiming a possible methane tax would apply to livestock...

In a letter to constituents, Mullin states the bill would result in annual fees of up to $6,500 per dairy cow, $2,600 per head of cattle and $500 per hog.

That’s not in the proposal. Negotiations include a possible methane fee on the oil and gas industry for pollution going above “specific intensity thresholds.”

I'm not surprised that Markwayne Mullin is concerned about a possible methane tax on animals and livestock. Considering all the bullshit that comes out of his jackass mouth, he'd probably have to call Travis Watkins to handle his IRS bill!

Of course, the whole point of The Tulsa World editorial is that Biden's infrastructure bill won't tax animals, livestock or guys who sharted methane on the house floor during the January 6th attempted insurrection, but as we know, truth doesn't really matter in today's day and age.

Mullin’s version flourished in online memes and social media shares and retweets to stop the “animal agriculture tax.” It circulated through multiple thousands of viewers and continues to spread.

National factcheckers, including the Tulsa World’s Anna Codutti, found Mullin’s source to be agriculture lobbying groups and a misinterpretation of ongoing talks over the proposal.

In politics, the public expects spin and embellishments. Outright falsehoods are not productive.

I think we can all agree that falsehoods arent' productive, but this is a guy who literally built his political career on a lie that he would only serve three terms in Congress! If anything, we should be concerned when Markwayne isn't spreading lies and misinformation.

Also, on the topic of Markwayne's infamous lie to only serve three terms in Congress, I wonder what The Tulsa World's Editorial Board thought about that at the time?

Second District U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin announced over the holiday that he is reneging on his promise to limit himself to six years in Congress...

Mullins’ promise was unwise from the beginning. As a small state, Oklahoma’s only chance at political clout in Congress comes from tenure in office. Despite entering the ring as a self-limited short-timer, Mullin has risen to become a deputy whip, a position that allows him to do some good for the state and his district.

In the end, Markwayne Mullin is an effective salt-of-the-earth voice of the people of rural Oklahoma, and his efforts shouldn’t be cut short because of a foolish mistake made before he understood the full challenge he was taking on.

Interesting. It's almost like a liar is always going to be a liar, and tolerating one lie will just lead to many more lies down the road.

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